Derf’s new graphic novel, Smog Veil Records covers for Tin Huey+Serious Jass Project :: “Where were the damn adults?”

By on February 18, 2012


Derf has executed album covers for two well-received Smog Veil Records releases including the recent Ralph Carney’s Serious Jass Project: 

And Tin Huey retrospective, Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes:

The official book launch of Derf’s new graphic novel, MY FRIEND DAHMER, in conjunction with a gallery show featuring original art pages, sketchbook drawings, and deleted scenes from Derf Backderf’s haunting new graphic novel, MY FRIEND DAHMER (Abrams Comicarts).

“This is the one a lot of people have been waiting for.”
– Flavorwire 

Most Interesting People 2012: John Backderf
/ Why he’s interesting / Backderf, better known by his pen name, Derf, creates the cynical, provocative comic strip The City, which mixes bizarre Cleveland street encounters with savage political satire. After 21 years in local weeklies, The City debuted in The Plain Dealer’s PDQ section in September.

/ His friend Dahmer / My Friend Dahmer, to be published in March by Abrams ComicArts, recounts Derf’s teenage friendship with future serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who went to Revere High School with him. “The story of the book is about this troubled teen who spirals down and how, at every step along the way, as he kept getting worse and worse” — fake epileptic fits, drinking a fifth of liquor each morning — “somehow, no adults in his life noticed anything amiss.”

/ Akron punk / Derf’s Punk Rock & Trailer Parks recreates Akron’s renowned punk scene through the eyes of a trailer-dwelling antihero named Otto. Derf created him as the opposite of a staple character in indie comics, the self-loathing geek. The geeks he’s known “don’t see themselves as downtrodden or pathetic. They see themselves as rock stars.” 


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