Diarrhea Planet release new video and EP reissues

By on March 24, 2014

Diarrhea Planet

Photo Credit: Emily Quirk

Hot off another triumphant SXSW, which saw them shredding with Melissa Etheridge, Diarrhea Planet has released a new video for “Babyhead” that was directed by Robin Comisar (see Noisey debut)….

Not enough fun?  How about some reissues!  In 2011, Diarrhea Planet released the Aloha EP, an album that sounded like a mix between an uncontrollable college party and a gut-wrenching Tae Bo workout.  Soon after, Infinity Cat Recordings released the Yama-Uba EP, the beginning of their shift from delinquent party rock to slightly more sophisticated songwriting.  After three years of being out-of-pring, both EPs are seeing the light of day again on April 8th via Infinity Cat Recordings.  More from the label….


“OK kids, let’s take a trip down memory lane. The year is 2011. We have this crazy intern who calls himself Hodan and is telling us about his band, Diarrhea Planet. “What a crazy name,” we think to ourselves, but we go to their show anyway cuz we want to support our friends. And GUESS WHAT. The show was so good we signed them on the spot! And then we put out this 7″ called Yama-Uba and it sold out immediately! And we couldn’t find their first 7″ cuz that was sold out too!  I guess what we’re trying to say is, three years was a long time ago and it’s time to reissue Yama-Uba and Aloha.”

Aloha Tracklist

1. Powermoves

2. Get Stimulated

3. Ghost With A Boner

4. Coral Beard Harris

5. Where R U?


Yama-Uba Tracklist

1. Hot Spit

2. Mutt Feast

3. Yamanba


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