Dirtnap Records announces New Legendary Wings LP

By on September 25, 2014
Legendary Wings

Kalamazoo’s Legendary Wings are back with the 2nd LP for Dirtnap Records (out on November 11th)!  Do You See improves upon the template set by their first album (Making Paper Roses, Fall 2012), alternating bursts of caffeinated punk-pop with mid-tempo jangly numbers, all served up raw and catchy as hell.  The band recently unveiled the first track from the album (see Self Titled debut)

Think fun, high energy music, but with enough melancholy in the lyrics to keep this far from the realm of vapid party jams. While this isn’t too far removed musically from some of the more well-known bands on Dirtnap (think Denton, TX) there is an unmistakable quality to Legendary Wings that makes them instantly and unmistakably identifiable as hailing from the Midwest.


The band has kept busy since their debut album, touring the East Coast, playing Gonerfest and the Dirtnap Records NYC Showcase, with members playing on well-received records by I Get Mynze and No Bails. While Making Paper Roses was a sprawling 16 song epic, Do You See goes for the opposite effect: at a relatively brief 10 song set, this winds up being a tighter, more focused, more concise effort, which really allows the top-notch songwriting (Seriously, listen to the song “Weather Advisory” and tell us that wouldn’t be a monster hit in a perfect world!) shine through.

Praise for Legendary Wings

“Legendary Wings (named after an old, now-obscure Nintendo video game) have a bright future ahead of them if this album is any indication.” – PopMatters


“This album is stuck in the red from start to finish, so as long as you can keep up with the pace, Making Paper Roses won’t let ya down.” – Styrofoam Drone


“As long as the group keeps its song-craft in front of it, Legendary Wings could be the next good times punk band.” – Punknews


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