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By on December 6, 2012

Josh Davis, aka DJ Shadow, changed the game in 1996 with the release of his universally acclaimed debut album Endtroducing… Made entirely from samples, Endtroducing… was like nothing that had come before. As the New York Times stated, “the critically acclaimed ‘Endtroducing’ … helped define the then cutting-edge genre of instrumental hip-hop: dance music with symphonic sweep built from scores of samples dug out of eclectic and often obscure recordings.” And TIME Magazine named it as one of 100 top albums since 1954. Sixteen years on and it remains as potent and revered an album as it was on release. Shadow followed up two years later by making the lion’s share of the music on the 1998 U.N.K.L.E. album, Psyence Fiction, an album with James Lavelle, featuring Thom Yorke, Ian Brown and Richard Ashcroft amongst others. By the time he released The Private Press, 2002, Davis felt he had taken emotive instrumental music created entirely from samples – as far as it could go and the new record took Shadow into new territories confounding those who were waiting on Endtroducing… Part 2. The Private Press remains one of the most underrated follow-up albums. The Outsider (2006) saw DJ Shadow making a hip-hop record featuring some of leading exponents of the Bay Area’s then burgeoning Hyphy scene while last year’s The Less You Know, the Better, was, according to according to Stool Pigeon magazine, “a testament to his enduring sampling genius.”

The tracklisting for all formats are as follows:


Single CD:


1. Midnight in A Perfect World

2. High Noon

3. I’ve Been Trying

4. This Time (I’m Gonna Try it My Way)

5. You Can’t Go Home Again [Radio Edit]

6. Scale it Back (Feat. Little Dragon) [Single Edit]

7. Listen (Feat. Terry Reid) [Previously Unreleased]

8. Stem [Single Edit]

9. Six Days

10. Won’t You Be [Previously Unreleased]

11. Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)

12. Lonely Soul (Feat. Richard Ashcroft) [7″ Version]

13. Blood on the Motorway

14. You Made It (Feat. Chris James)

15. Redeemed

16. Dark Days (Main Theme)




Disc One


Side A

1. Midnight in a Perfect World

2. High Noon

3. I’ve Been Trying

4. This Time (I’m Gonna Try it My Way)


Side B

1. You Can’t Go Home Again [Radio Edit]

2. Scale it Back (Feat. Little Dragon) [Single Edit]

3. Listen (Feat. Terry Reid) [Previously Unreleased]

4. Stem [Single Edit]


Disc Two


Side A

1. Six Days

2. Won’t You Be (Previously Unreleased)

3. Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)

4. Lonely Soul (Feat. Richard Ashcroft [7″ Version]


Side B

1. Blood on the Motorway

2. You Made It (Feat. Chris James)

3. Redeemed


Box Set:


Disc 1: Entroducing…

Disc 2: Entroducing… Bonus Disc (Rarities and B-Sides)

Disc 3: The Private Press

Disc 4: The Outsider 

Disc 5: The Less You Know, The Better

Disc 6: The Best of the Rest (Bonus CD)

        1. Listen (Feat. Terry Reid) (Previously Unreleased)

        2. Won’t You Be (Previously Unreleased)

        3. Lost and Found (S.F.L.)

        4. Hindsight

        5. Skullfuckery (Feat. The Heliocentrics)

        6. Hardcore (Intrumental) Hip-Hop

        7. Divine Intervention (Feat. Divine Styler)

        8. Lonely Soul (Feat. Richard Ashcroft) [7″ Edit]

        9. High Noon

        10. Dark Days (Main Theme)

        11. Camel Bobsled Race (DJ Shadow Mix by Q-Bert)

Disc 7: Live From Glasgow 2011

Disc 8: (DVD) In Tune and On Time


Box Set 12″:


Side A

1. The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Mix)

2. Be There (Feat. Ian Brown) (Underdog Mix)

3. Six Days (Remix)


Side B:

1. Enuff (DJ Fresh Remix)

2. I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swaager Mix)

3. Scale it Back (Kev Willow Remix)


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