Dog Knights Production to release Orchid Tribute album on the 8th April 2013

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April 8th 2013 sees the release of an awesome tribute album to one of the most influential screamo bands of all time, Orchid. Out on Dog Knights Productions and with 24 tracks from 24 bands, including Full of Hell, Sed Non Satiata, Pianos Bastards (Zac – Bastions/ex Crocus, Tom – Good Time Boys/ex Throats, Chris – The Ergon Carousal) Coma Regalia & Foxes, ‘Epilogue of a Car Crash! A Tribute to Orchid’ is a fitting tribute for a band who helped pioneer the sound of screamo.


Orchid’s influence on the screamo scene and beyond has been huge and each track on this release highlights the impact they have had on each and every band involved. This uncompromising release brings 24 tracks in 44 minutes, with each band stamping their own sound onto one of Orchid’s tracks. This is a release not to be missed and is something for fans of every band involved and of course, Orchid.



Coma Regalia, Full of Hell, For Want Of, Voyage In Coma, You’ll Live, Carrion spring, I Don’t Want to Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Crocus, Cassus, Lizards Have Personalities, Foxes, Deer In the Headlights, Republic of Dreams, Questionable Youth, Lord Snow, Adobe Homes, Itto, !Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!, History of the Hawk, Utarid, Todos Caeran, Mahria, Innards, Sed Non Satiata

The album is available for pre-order from Dog Knights productions


Every track can also be streamed on the label’s Youtube page –


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