Drive Safe: Coming Clean

By on May 20, 2012

Track listing:

1. Chlorine Bomb
2. 6 x 6
3. Pity Vote
4. Blowfish

I admit I’m a sucker for pop-punk. I enjoy the group vocals, and I like how easily relatable it all tends to be. Coming Clean’s four song EP Drive Safe is something of a falling star in that it’s a mass burst of energy, but all four songs add up to just over 10 minutes. It’s definitely a quick listen, but if you dabble in the pop-punk genre the EP is worth a try.
The first track “Chlorine Bomb” has lyrics that are seriously laughable, but I’m not sure they were meant to be taken seriously. Sandwiching lyrics like “because you seriously suck, I hate you,” in between the opening “Yo, think about that,” and the closing emo sentiment “I swear I’m just tired of being alive in every way,” is comedic gold.
Now, I know that last section may be harsh, but it’s only because the last three tracks more than make up for the minute long opener. “6 x 6” goes through multiple time changes smoothly and more than makes up for the above mentioned lyrics with a catchy, instantly singable chorus. The energetic one-two punch of “6 x 6” and “Pity Vote” is what makes this EP worth checking out, though the closing “Blowfish” is a solid closer.
This is a young band with a good deal of potential, and their kind enough to give the EP away for free. You can download Drive Safe here:
RIYL: early versions of The Wonder Years and The Get Up Kids