Drivin’ N Cryin’ Releasing 3rd EP; Songs From the Psychedelic Time Clock

By on February 9, 2013



Following up June 2012’s Songs From The Laundromat and September 2012’s, Paul Ebersold-produced Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones, Drivin N Cryin releases Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock, the third of four EPs to be created and released over a 12 month period. Both an homage and an update to the garage band sound of the ’60s, this new EP explores the experimental facet of the Drivin N Cryin sound with flourishes of 12-string guitar, electric sitar, synthesizer washes and horns while continuing to showcase the strength of Kevn Kinney’s songwriting. Each EP will showcase a different facet of drivin’ n’ cryin’s persona – rock, punk, country and… ?! The new EP is release April 16 on the band’s New! Records label, distributed by Redeye.

     In an effort to release Drivin N Cryin music while it’s still fresh and new to both the band ourselves and their fans, they have partnered with our good friends at Redeye Distribution to release 4 EPs over a 12 month period. EP1 Songs From The Laundromat revisited the band’s Southern-fried jangle-rock roots. EP2, Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones, showcased songs from the secret landscape of the American psyche. EP4 – well, you’ll have to wait and see!

     “A couple months ago I was writing in the morning and my wife was listening to a record. She said I should record that song and I said ‘well, I did.’ It was the last song on the last record! It dawned on me then that most people that listen to records don’t usually listen past five or six songs, so I’m going to make a record with only five or six songs on it. In fact, I’m going to do four… Or five… Or maybe the rest of them this way!!!! This solves a lot of problems for drivin n cryin.

     “I love the fact that we have never shied away from the fact we are influenced by so many different sounds. But sometimes combining them on one record can be somewhat disconcerting to a particular group of fans. I love that. I love the psychedelic element of challenging the listener. I mean it’s all based on a library of music from our past…  THE KINKS and THE WHO meet the RAMONES and THE COUNT FIVE at a little bar owned by BOB DYLAN and JOHNNY CASH…But the opportunity to focus on a specific genre or subject is exciting to me…Also an opportunity to record with all the people we have been looking forward to working with is almost limitless…We would love to work all over the country with our friends and the five song format means we only need a few days of their time…

     “I think people will be excited when they own a few and can contrast the different sounds and producers… I don’t have the patience anymore for a two year recording project, a big build up as if you’re JD SALINGER, a tour and then reality again… I don’t like hype… I just want to offer up my art for the fans or soon-to-be-fans. A five or six song recording every three months like a magazine subscription… I want it now!!!
And I want it NEW!” – kevn kinney/Drivin N Cryin




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