Earbutter Talks “War”, Music Production, and Halloween Horror!

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First things first, what’s the story behind the name “Earbutter”?

Back in my B-BOY days one of my crew members K-Illa and I were super elevated listening to some classic funk and soul practicing for a battle and it just came out during the practice session like “Yo that’s Earbutter”.  So I decided to bring it out of the depths of the memory locker onto the forefront of the Edm scene as we would always refer to that music that was super dope as EarButter.


How would you describe your music?

My house music is alluring and full of soul.  My trap music is hoodrich, its grimey, it makes grandmas want to commit felonies.  My dubstep is heavy and makes people want to jump around and rip their teeth out like that Key and Peele skit.  As long as I’m creating a good vibe that people can relate to I’m happy.  It’s funny to me coming from a metal/punk type of back ground as a kid and to see what I’m creating now even though it’s different it is very similar in ways.


What is one unique characteristic about yourself that you can share with us?

I can play many instruments and I want to learn more technique with each instrument everyday and attempt to only beat myself in pushing the boundaries of what I’m capable of with my craft.


What is your favorite track that YOU have produced/written/released?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite.  I view my film work and music almost as my children or an extension of myself and being an Italian guy you can’t have a favorite when it comes to family you love everything that Is family equally.


Can you talk about some of the experiences that influenced the War EP?  Are you making a specific statement?

I’ve lived in some really crazy places, New Orleans being one of them, and its normal there to hear gunshots, watch fights, stabbings, and that kind of thing.  You think to yourself as an individual in the peaceful realm of society what type of thoughts and emotions are happening in an individual’s brain as they become primal and engage in these violent acts not only as a display of being an alpha but for survival in their respected environment, and the mentality they have to purvey on the daily to maintain that survivability.  When you listen to this song I want you to feel that aggression through the sounds.  If you listen to what Spragga Benz is saying and know where he comes from and what it’s like there much like a New Orleans and you understand what it’s like to be in that type of environment then you really get the concept.  Most people would never understand the concept and execution of the track from that level but those who do I’m sure can appreciate it that much more.  I wouldn’t say I’m making a statement I’m making music and as the eye can see and interpret light the ear can hear and interpret sound so each individual will interpret any song in a different way. I make music that people can relate to through their experiences and help them get through their day so whether it’s a banger like this or something softer as long as I’m helping people through music I feel I’m doing something positive for all of us.


How did you come to work with Spragga Benz?  What was the collaborative process on “War”?

In my years of producing music I’ve collaborated and worked alongside many artists in the Reggae/Dancehall genre and when Spragga sent me these vocals I knew what needed to be done.  It was kind of like say no more it’s time to make some Slayer “Reign in Blood” Trap music!

Tell us about your equipment?  What is your go-to software?  What did you use on “War”?

For live shows I do it the right way with two Technic 1200’s and even though I was a Rane guy for over a decade, I hopped over to the new gold LE Pioneer S9 and of course always have an MPC to add some flavor to the sets.  I produce mostly in Logic and I’m getting more in tune with Abelton as it has some distinct advantages.  I still use external synths from time to time like the Mini Moog Blue Voyager and some of the virus jawns when it works. I used Logic to create War.

We know that you play electronic music, but is that the music that you personally listen to all the time?  What would be your top 10 go to songs?

NO WAY!  I grew up on all old school rock, metal, funk, soul, punk, and hiphop.  My mother had quite the insane vinyl collection coming up and I was always banging my head to something proper.  Eventually I got into more East coast hip-hop styles and then into the EDM stuff.  Honestly I listen to more Rock/Metal and hip hop more so than anything.

There’s way too much good music to slim it down to ten songs so here’s ten Pandora stations I’d listen to which cast a much wider net to affiliated artists!

Slayer’s would be 1 because all the non slayer tracks are all the classic from Megadeath, Pantera, Metallica, Sepltura, Testament, etc….

Others wouldn’t be in order though

Ill Bill
Johnny Cash
Daxx Riggs/Acid Bath
MF Doom
Wu Tang
Antonio Vivaldi

Christmas or Halloween?  Why?

Halloween all the way!  I thoroughly enjoy the holiday in many ways most notably the Halloween Horror Nights they do at the Universal Studios in Florida and Cali if you’ve never been it’s a blast with some really cool movie re-enactments coupled with some savage haunted houses I bring people every year and I love freaking people out.   It’s awesome how they transform that entire place into a giant insane horror show.  I enjoy the holiday and the celebrations they have in different places and it’s a night that everyone can be something that they aren’t and really enjoy a night dressed up and having a good time.  People who don’t enjoy Halloween have no idea what they are missing.

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