Eclectic Method To Perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday March 29

By on March 29, 2011
Eclectic Method To Perform on
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 
Tuesday March 29

South by Southwest Recap, Eclectic Method
set sails for Summit at Sea

Debut single “Outta Sight” featuring Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Available now on Itunes

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After premiering their debut single “Outta Sight” featuring the legendary Chuck DEclectic Method have been invited to perform on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a special performance by the Copyright Criminals Allstar Band featuring them, Public Enemy’s Chuck DClyde Stubblefield and ?uestlove of the Roots.  All taking place Tuesday March 29, there will be a special live jam and screening screening party at Brooklyn Bowl, featuring Eclectic MethodClydeFred Thomas (bassist for James Brown), and some seriously special guests, starting at 11:30pm.  For those who want to join, Email: for guest list spot.


To watch Eclectic Method’s OUTTA SIGHT VIDEO and hear the single, tune in to their micro site:  We encourage you to re- post  the video!  You can also read an updated biography on the trio there.


This is indeed exciting news for the acclaimed audio visual producers/DJs Jonny Wilson, Ian Edgar  and Geoff Gamlen who have recently performed alongside Diplo at the Vimeo + Nikon + The Meta Agency Showcase at the Seaholm Powerplant at SXSWI.  Another SX highlight  was their opening set for Wu Tang Clan at Austin Music Hall with Donald Glover sitting in for the start of the set.
Check out some amazing photos from an incredible week below:

Having just flown back from a celebrated set at Miami’s Ultra Fest, Eclectic Method are setting to Sea again in a few weeks with the Summit Series. There they’ll be joined by other performers include The Roots, Pretty Lights, Imogen Heap & Axwell from the Swedish House Mafia. Other attendees include Ray KurzweilSir Richard Branson & K’Naan. This April, Summit Series will pack 1,000 people on a cruise ship and sail from Florida to an undisclosed island for a 3 day weekend. The (invitation only) group will be made up of some of the brightest names in business, politics, technology, philanthropy and culture.


With a rambunctious, unruly spirit and a supercomputer’s worth of samples and productions, UK via Brooklyn producers/ DJs Eclectic Method remain fixed at the forefront of the rapidly-emerging audiovisual remix culture.
Now with their debut music single “Outta Sight”, their latest collaboration with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, the postmodern group – which includes founding members Ian EdgarJonny Wilson andGeoff Gamlen – get to fully showcase their own electro and hip hop inspired production. In true EM form, keeping one eye on the past and the other aimed squarely at the future, it only made sense for the trio to collaborate with one of music’s legends Public Enemy’s Chuck D.
With an experimental yet playful, punk attitude, the group has been pioneering audio and video remix creations and the very notion of how to rock a crowd for nearly a decade. The group’s bona fides speaks for itself: Every figurehead of every genre, from U2, Phish, Fatboy Slim and the Bob MarleyFamily to every cutting edge lifestyle brand including MTV and Twitter plus major global events for the likes of Twitter, Activision, Mashable have requested their talented skills in some shape or form.
In 2009, on behalf of the aptly titled film “Copyright Criminals”, the group performed a set with Chuck D and legendary James Brown drummer Clyde Stubblefield at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was a perfect marriage: Stubblefield, whose work on “Funky Drummer”“Cold Sweat”and countless others have made him one of the most sampled musicians in history; Chuck D, whose albums pioneered the use of samples in hip-hop and whose vocal lines have been endlessly recycled by others; and Eclectic Method, the glorious bastard children of an era where the parameters of sampling and recontextualization are boundless. It is this very lineage that Chuck D refers to when dropping the lines “it’s not audio-visual, we living in the visual-audio age” and “outta sight, outta mind, we don’t matter, we don’t mind.” Now coming full circle, on March 29 – Eclectic Method will be performing with Chuck D live on National TV on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Stay tuned as we announce more information soon.
The group has their fair share of viral success — they’ve remixed everything from John Hughes andQuentin Tarantino (“The Tarantino Mixtape”, remixing and mashing together all of the director’s films, was a viral hit and received the Vimeo Festival Community Choice Award and over 500,000 hits on Vimeo) to Wu-Tang Clan and “The Colbert Report” (earning a nod of approval and on-air playback from Stephen Colbert himself). On videos like “Robots”, which feature R2D2, Johnny Five and others talking over an electro-house beat, the group is Coldcut on steroids; the musical and visual manifestation of today’s free-for-all, cut-and-paste media landscape.“We’re admittedly a weird hybrid of band, production company, editors, directors, music composers and DJs/remixers,” says Ian.
Their live shows began generating rapid word of mouth in 2003 for the trio’s spontaneous, improvised video manipulation. “It’s mostly about people enjoying themselves,” says Wilson. “We’re not trying to make some impressive, postmodern intellectual commentary”. It’s a skill that has brought them to more than 35 countries across six continents. Adds Wired magazine: “Eclectic Method’s kinetic live shows splice music, film, TV and video games into a body-rocking audiovisual concoction that gets clubbers hopping and synapses popping.”
Ask them their plans for the next year or so — with all the productions, original compositions, videos and collaborations behind them — and all three members will instantly spout a list of ideas still to be explored due to time constraints or the non-existence of the necessary technology. “There are things we see in our heads that aren’t technologically possible yet,” says Edgar. “We want to know where the edge is of what other people are doing right now and transcend that. No matter what we’re doing, it’s always about, how far can we take it? There’s still a lot more to explore.”
Their most recent viral mashups include:

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