Emperors And Elephants guitarist Jeff Windisch dies in crowd at Lynch Mob show!

By on August 14, 2016


Emperors And Elephants guitarist Jeff Windisch dies in crowd at Lynch Mob show!

It is being reported that Emperors And Elephants guitarist Jeff Windisch died of an apparent heart attack last night.

According to reports Windisch and the Chicago based group were on tour. EAE had just finished opening the show at “Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill” and he was in the crowd watching Lynch Mob when he collapsed.

It also seems that yesterday was Windisch’s birthday as well.

One fan who was at the show wrote the following about what happened.

“I was there last night and it was a terrible scene.

Went to the Twins game that evening so I arrived at the bar Lynch Mob was playing at just as E&E was finishing up their last song. The singer mentioned that it was the guitarist’s birthday.

I was close to the stage when Lynch Mob began. After about 7 songs I wandered toward the back of the room. All of the sudden there was a slight commotion from stage left (Sean McNabb’s side) and I saw this very big dude lying face down on the floor not moving. At first I think people thought he passed out drunk, but people could not get a response from him. The police arrived about 10 minutes later, all the while Lynch Mob is still playing.

They finally tell the band to stop, the house lights go up, and 300 people are watching this guy get CPR. There was no real move to clear the room until after he’d been wheeled out. It did not look promising as they were working on him. His band mates were standing there just devastated.

After they got him out one of the staff got on stage and said the band did not feel it was appropriate to go back on, so the night was over.”

The band has posted on their Facebook addressing family and friends.

“There will be many posts in the coming days but as of now we are physically and mentally destroyed. We lost our Jeffy last night after sharing the stage with him! and as the tears fall on the screen as I type this I ask you give us and Jeffs beautiful family the time and space needed right now.  We love you and miss you so much jeffy Rest in peace and remember to stay on target – your FAMILY”

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