Ex A Skylit Dirve Members Starting a New Project With Original Vocalist

By on December 14, 2012

After recently parting ways with A Skylit Drive, Joey Wilson [guitarist] is starting a new project with the band’s original front man Jordan Blake [pictured above] and a new album is currently in the works. Blake is best known for his work on the band’s 2007 release: the fan-acclaimed-classic She Watched The Sky EP. In an update from his official Facebook page, Blake stated that the forthcoming record will be full of “screaming and thrashing” amongst other hardcore staples. “The fist song has been sent off for mixing, we should receive it within the next 2 weeks” says Blake. The band plans to have an official page up and running soon with more info and updates to come; We will keep you posted on this story. Updates by the new band are only continuing to stir the pot of excitement amongst fans: Blake – “Recording with Joey Wilson like the old days!” Wilson – “Stoked to kill this track right now, I’ve never done anything this heavy, Pretty excited.”

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