Exclusive Premiere “Kick The Can” By PUSHMETHOD

By on October 13, 2014

PUSHMETHODHellhound Music presents an exclusive premiere of PUSHMETHOD’s new single, “Kick The Can”. This high-energy song will get people on their feet with a positive message. Be the first to hear this song only on HellhoundMusic.com!

Fusing together essences of eclectic musical influences such as The Beatles, The Notorious B.I.G, Nas, and Rage Against the Machine, PUSHMETHOD delivers a high-energy jolt of hip-hop styled vocals, socio-political lyrics, and strategically plotted instrumentals. Their mission is to deliver a sound that does more than just command you attention – they want you to listen, to feel, and most importantly, to think. In particular, “Kick The Can” is about not looking down upon our struggles, but instead celebrating the fire inside and recognizing why we keep fighting. 

As featured on Humans of New York, The Aquarian, and AM NY, the Brooklyn hometown heroes have collaborated with numerous acts, including Grammy nominated Bright Lights.​ ​With a musical message that resonates with many, these guys are on the verge of breaking out!

PUSHMETHOD’s online statement from their YouTube page-

I humbly swear to seek all opportunities to make my name heard. This may mean risking bodily harm, including bending or possibly breaking the law and utilizing my freedom of speech to its fullest extent. PUSHMETHOD is thought in action. It cannot and will not EVER be held down. We show love and compassion to those who have been. I vow to spread color and music to the masses by any and all means necessary. I am PUSHMETHOD, I am infinite, I am this moment.

True to their word, PUSHMETHOD is singing lyrical calls to action and serving danceable beats to the NYC area and beyond.

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