Featured Artist: Opus 99 (Pop Punk / Alternative from Portsmouth VA)

By on April 11, 2013



Opus 99 is a 3 piece alternative pop punk band. We have many influences including Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Alkaline Trio, and The Who. We were recently ranked the number #1 punk band in our region. We also just made our radio debut last week, and we are ready to seek and destroy. The members are Sinn (Lead Vocals & Guitar) Blue (Vocals & Bass) Genghis Twan (Vocals & Drums). Send us a message so we have a meet & greet. You won’t be sorry

Back in January 2012, a young nine-teen year old punk rock kid named Sinn had a terrible string of luck! Little Sinn was kicked out of college in New York, dumped by his girlfriend, and forced to move back in with his mother in Virginia Beach. Throughout the summer, Sinn worked some horrible 9-5 jobs working as a waiter, met some interesting people and tried to just continue on in life. But, Sinn still had a feeling in his heart, that he was meant for something better than this typical cookie cutter lifestyle.
One September night, after mass amounts of blogging, Sinn took a stroll down the street, jamming on his acoustic guitar. All of a sudden, he felt a whoosh of air blow past him and rustle his hair. Like a speeding bullet, the dude on the skateboard sped past Sinn, but came to an equally abrupt stop directly in front of him. Sinn was startled by the strangers random confrontation, but he decided to hear him out.
“Are you the one they call Sinn?!” questioned the blue haired stranger. “Ummm, yea, I guess. Who’s asking?!” replied Sinn”My name is Blue. I come from the land known as San Francisco! I have traveled to this wasteland, known as Virginia Beach, to seek out two punk rock gods and form a band to take over the galaxy!””Dude, how stoned are you?!” Sinn asked after his fit of laughter. There’s no way anybody could think, that Sinn, this tall lanky kid could be a “punk rock god”. 

“This is no time for jokes Sinn. We have the power to change the world with our music!”Sinn was having trouble processing all this, but since he really had nothing better do, he followed Blue.
They continued on their journey, and they headed east, towards the ocean. “So who is this ‘we’ anyways Blue?”
“The last god we must find is located on the beach. He is more than just a god.He is a percussion guru. The sound of his bass drum, is like the sound of thunder! His name is Genghis Twan!”
They reached the beach, and there in the sand stood a long haired man. He was performing some form of swords dance, but instead of swords, he wielded two drum sticks. “Dude, are you serious about this?!” asked Sinn.”He’s very serious!” replied a voice from behind Sinn. He turned around to see Genghis Twan had disappeared from the sand to appear behind him.
“I have been awaiting your arrival Blue and Sinn. It’s time to commence. We shall form the ultimate punk rock band, and we will revolutionize the galaxy!” declared Twan. “Yes indeed!” replied Blue. Sinn looked at both of them, wide eyed and confused. “Alright, I guess I’m down, but do you guys seriously talk like that all the time?!” Twan and Blue looked at each other and laughed then looked back at Sinn. “Nah dude, we’re just screwing with you! Let’s go jam!” 

And so, Opus 99 was formed, and they continue to rock, and try and take over the galaxy!

Sinn: Lead Vocals & Guitars 

Blue Rivers: Vocals & Bass

Genghis Twan: Vocals & Drums



Author: DaveHHM

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