For The Life Of Me: Closure EP Review

By on February 25, 2013


Release Date: February 26th

Oregon Rock act For The Life Of Me are set to release their debut EP Closure. The EP kicks off with the track “Eleven” a Post-Hardcore number with an emotional rhythm, dark tone, and venting vocal delivery: similar to earlier work of the genre legends Brand New. “TV In My Head, Part II” gets a bit more aggressive, distorted, and experimental; synergizing an exotic lead with the captivating vocals of singer Lee Parks. The EP’s third track “Winter Sleep” is a showcase of impressive experimental guitar work and an outburst of shouting Punk vocals. The EP comes to a close with the track “Sung out of the Blue” its most melodic song that displays an impressive blend of the band’s diverse musical talent.

Closure is a new take on the Post-Hardcore Genre and a surprising breath of fresh air. For fans of bands like Brand New and Balance and Composure – Closure is a must listen, and For The Life Of Me will be a new favorite. Be sure to grab your copy of the EP; check the band’s Facebook page fore more information.


Review by Matt Crane – HHM