Former Sleeping with Sirens guitarist Jesse Lawson announces Deliradio Show ‘Barkeeper’ with Joe Moxley

By on February 5, 2015

jesselawsonAshland, Oregon-based singer/songwriter Jesse Lawson (former Sleeping With Sirens guitarist) will share his new single, “Tall Trees & Long Drives,” on his new DeliRadio show, “Barkeeper,” with co-host Joe Moxley. The program will air every Thursday at 1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST on


“I’m very stoked on the response the new music is getting so far,” said Lawson. “I’ve been waiting to share these songs with my fans for a while. I am glad that the partnership with DeliRadio is giving me the option to host a podcast and debut new music. Though these songs will not be on the new album, they’re a nice transition from the first EP to the upcoming full-length.”


The new single, “Tall Trees & Long Drives,” will close out “Barkeeper” with Jesse Lawson and Joe Moxley, on Episode 1, Thursday, February 5. Lawson self-produced the track, describing the song as “very personal to me, it is essentially my story. My goal for this song was to show people that it doesn’t matter where you come from. If you focus and work hard, you can accomplish anything.”


DeliRadio is a music streaming service dedicated to supporting emerging and touring artists. It’s the perfect home for the singer and guitarist. It’s a great home for the singer/songwriter, and “Barkeeper” is the perfect follow-up to Mike Herrera’s (MxPx, Tumbledown) show, “Don’t Miss This,” which airs on DeliRadio every Wednesday.


Longtime friends Moxley and Lawson grew up in the same Oregon town, and their inimitable chemistry and charm will be on full display via “Barkeeper.” The show will be recorded at Lawson and Moxley’s shared warehouse, “Suite C,” and will feature interviews with musicians, beer makers, etc. “Barkeeper is a play on words,” says Lawson. “It’s like talking to your local bartender as if he or she was your therapist. Anything interesting is game! Make sure to tune in!”


The tracks will concurrently premiere on Lawson’s official website,, and will be available on all major digital retail outlets, such as iTunes and Amazon, at the start of each episode.


Last year, Lawson released his first EP, Jesse Lawson – Chapter II, his first release since he stepped down from his former group, Sleeping With Sirens, to focus on his family and his new musical venture. Now, he’s readying his full-length debut for release later this year, recording at fellow musician and friend Mike Herrera’s Monkey Trench studio in Bremerton, Washington.


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