Fritz Montana: An Interview with a Fun Rockin’ Indie Blues Band

By on December 18, 2013


While The Black Keys aren’t so hot right now, it’s time for another fun rockin’ blues version coming out from San Francisco, Calif. to make things all better: Fritz Montana.

While the rock industry is changing, Fritz Montana is proving people that the fun ol’ blues still exists with some indie to go along with.

Fans of The Black Keys will definitely want to take a stop and listen to Fritz Montana.

Fun, witty lyrics, and an enjoyable beat is included in all of their songs.

A very unique sound most people will definitely enjoy, like their song “Say it so” as it gives a great funky vibe.

But wait, let’s talk about that voice because there’s a lot of soul coming out from those vocals.

A band with three talented members, Guitar/Vocals – David Marshall, Bass – Kevin Logan, and Drums – Matthew Hagarty.

Rock is still powerful and Fritz Montana is here to prove that.

I had an awesome opportunity to get an interview with the Drummer, Matthew. Check it out:

What is your hometown? For all of you?

We have members currently residing in both San Jose, CA and San Francisco, CA.

At what age did you all start playing?

All of us have been playing music for a good while now. I would say high school is when we began playing music more seriously though. Each of us had our own respective bands in high school but little did we know it would ultimately be the platform for Fritz Montana.

How did you all meet?

Just under a year ago, Myself (Matthew) and Dave met at a mutual friend’s Christmas party and began talking music. We talked about how our previous musical endeavors had both fallen apart, and how we both still had a strong desire to write music. We discussed genres for a potential project involving one another and without much hesitation, indie blues rock became the front runner. We planned on a day to get together and jam but we needed one other person. Just as I had returned home from the Christmas party, Kevin sent me a message explaining that he was back in town and was looking to play some music. I let Dave know that Kevin was going to be joining our jam and I think you know where the story goes from there.

Who inspired you?

Everyone in the band personally draws from such a diverse and different range of music but at the core of our band, The Black Keys, The Strokes, Jack White/ The White Stripes, and Alabama Shakes were crucial in the formation of Fritz Montana. Those were the bands we discussed and listened to every single practice until our first EP was written. We still draw a lot of inspiration from those artists, but I believe our new EP that we are set to record next month will showcase several new inspirations as well.

Who do you look up to?

There are so many people we all look up to in many ways but the first thing that comes to mind is our parents. All of our parents have been very supportive of the band and it really means a lot to have them on our side.

What’s your definition of a good artist?

There are many aspects of a “good artist” that it’s hard to pinpoint its exact definition. To me personally, a good artist plays music for the right reasons: simple, to play music. Even that could be narrowed down into several sub-categories but the one thing that I do believe is that if you are passionate about music and you play it because it is the one thing that makes you completely happy at the end of the day, then you are a good artist. I think the term “good artist” has the tendency to be thrown into discussions involving genres, musical ability, style, live shows, recordings, ect. but if you really believe in what you are doing, I think people will be on your side.

What can we expect from you in the upcoming year of 2014?

We can’t even explain how excited we are for 2014. First off, we will be entering the studio the first week of January to record our new EP. We are going to be recording with Sam Pura and Ryan Ellery at The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA. Panda is most notably known for their work involving bands such as The Story So Far, The American Scene, and The Limousines. It is really an honor and a pleasure to be recording at The Panda Studios and we cannot wait to show everyone the new material we have been writing. We are also in the process of setting up our travel arrangements to South by Southwest in Austin, TX this upcoming March. We will also be playing as many shows as we possibly can this upcoming year. Our main goal in 2014 is to establish ourselves much more in not only the local scene but nationally as well.

Greatest moment you realized you wanted to do this as a career?

There will always be moments which have a positive influence on your music career. In fact, these small moments happen all the time and in many ways. Anything from a really productive band practice to meeting a new fan at a show to even hearing a newly recorded song blast through the monitors at the recording studio can have a profound impact on you. But recently, the most important moment for me was when we took the stage for Live 105′s Not So Silent Night at Oracle Arena. We were about to open for Kings of Leon, Vampire WeekendQueens of the Stone Age, AFI, Arctic Monkeys, and Capital Cities so we knew we had something to prove. We got on stage, and played just like it was just another practice for us. We made sure to have as much fun as we possibly could and knew the rest would be okay no matter what. Also, it was awesome to have my mother in the audience when we played. HI MOM! But on the real, the feeling was pretty unbelievable. We realize we got a lot of work ahead of us if we want to play another show like that anytime soon though. That moment will always stick with us and help us realize what we can achieve.

Who would you like to work with or record with? Open for?

In terms of recording, I am REALLY excited to be working with The Panda Studios. Sam and Ryan are two very talented engineers and I could not be more happy to be making a record with them. In terms of artists, I think it would be a dream come true to open for The Black Keys or to share the stage with several amazing artists at Coachella or Outside Lands. And finally, in terms of organizations, I would really like to work with SoFar Sounds again. SoFar Sounds is an organization that looks to connect musicians in an intimate way with their fans by playing a stripped down set in a host’s living room. We were lucky enough to be able to play for a SoFar Sounds San Francisco show and it was an incredible and unforgettable experience. I highly encourage everyone check out  SoFar Sounds.

What are your goals/achievements that will be received from your fans?

Right now, I think all of us are really excited to record our new EP. We spent a lot of time deciding on what studio to record with and we ultimately chose Panda because we believe that they will take our music to the next level. A lot of time and effort has gone into the preparation for our new EP and it’s because we want to put out the best music we possibly can. We are all having an amazing time in this band writing and recording music and it truly means a lot to us to have people to share it with.

Author: Thalia Avila

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