Galaxy Cloak Debut Album Review

By on April 25, 2016

Galaxy Cloak, newest signees to Kurt Travis’s Esque Records, cover a lot of ground on their debut, a self-titled 15 track LP. Menes Pharaoh and Sorcery Orchestra establish slick beats and cut-throat rhymes with an almost modern-classic sound, think Wu-Tang meets OFWGKTA. It’s this relationship between what they obviously grew up listing to while acknowledging good modern hip hop that gives Galaxy Cloak a unique sound all their own. Menes Pharaoh constantly leads the charge throughout the 15 tracks with an unrelenting and fierce flow, each performance as solid as the last. I think this is a great start for a group who recognizes the state of affairs in hip hop but are doing all they can to bring their own take to the genre. Looking forward to what comes next from Galaxy Cloak and if there are any similarly fresh hip hop artists in the works at Esque Records.

Stand out tracks; Shadow Walk, Who’z There, It’z Good


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