Gallo (Feat. Former Members of Monte Negro), Unveil Their New Music Through an Innovative and Expansive Trilogy

By on January 24, 2013


GALLO [pronounced Gah-yo] is introducing their rich, new compilation of work to the world with the simultaneous release of a capacious trilogy of albums on Tuesday, February 5. GALLO is the new Los Angeles-based, multi-lingual, worldbeat band created by Kinski Gallo and his brother, Rodax – the frontman and bassist, respectively, of the highly acclaimed, award-winning rock band Monte Negro. For the past year, Kinski and Rodax have been digging deep into their creative depths and have ultimately emerged proffering a choice collection of music replete with sexy grooves, innovative beats, and inspiring lyrics. 


FUEGO, the first record to be completed by the duo, heralds a lush assembling of all-Spanish, upbeat, funky tunes and dance inspiring melodies. Their all-English release, PHOENIX RISING, encompasses a richly diverse, avant-garde collection of electro-pop and complex yet accessible hits. To close the triangle, GALLO created MAMAWE, the third and final record in the trilogy, a gorgeous tribute to electro-world-beat incorporating cutting edge twists on traditional Latin sounds.


Collaborating with Grammy Award-winning engineer Seth Horan (Robi Draco, Black Guayaba), as well as renowned keyboardist and programmer Juan Covarrubias (Daddy Yankee), at Phantom Vox Studios in Hollywood, GALLO meticulously crafted their new high-energy vision to give birth to this trilogy of sound. Additional artists contributing to the record include Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), Christopher Cester (Jet/Damn Dogs), Chris Pierce (Brothers and Sisters/Army Wives), Garrett Henritz (Fol Chen), Janelly Russe (Tita), and Julia Rose (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).


After almost 10 years of delivering music geared towards alternative audiences around the world, Kinski and Rodax decided to form GALLO in 2012 to pay homage to their many defining influences, ranging from electronica and pop to disco and punk rock.


Kinski and Rodax are seasoned veterans of the international music scene. When touring with their rock band, Monte Negro, they shared the stage with a variety of mega-acts ranging from Gwen Stefani and Nine Inch Nails to Café Tacuba, Zoé and Enanitos Verdes.


Originally hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, both brothers found their early Latin music influences within their own large family, looking primarily to their father, an accomplished mariachi singer. They were surrounded at all times by traditional romantic ballads, boleros, and norteñas. In their early teens, they moved to Venice, CA, where they were further exposed to all that American radio had to offer: rock and roll, new wave, punk rock, and electronica. Over the past years, Kinski and Rodax have made music from every one of these genres, all the while striving to stay true to both their Latin American roots and their contemporary Anglo inspiration.


Finally, as GALLO, the brothers are excited to offer an expansive and explosive trilogy of records that encompass everything that these many years of experience and passion have brought them. With FUEGO, PHOENIX RISING, and MAMAWE, GALLO takes us on a journey that at times has us groovin’ to funky and fresh dance beats and at other times has us deep in contemplation and meditation on life and love, both lost and found. In short, the trilogy delivers a rich and complete story, and GALLO is only too happy to bring the music, the beats, and the experience to every corner of the country and beyond.


GALLO is taking their trilogy on an 11-week tour throughout the USA and Puerto Rico this February and March.


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