GIRL ON FIRE To Play String of Dates with Rev Theory

By on December 3, 2011
GIRL ON FIRE To Play String of Dates with Rev Theory

Seattle’s own GIRL ON FIRE will be heading out to play a string of dates with rock act REV THEORY. Fresh off the “F*ck You All Tour” with GET SCARED and DR. ACULA, GIRL ON FIRE has wasted no time getting back on the road to support their debut EP, Revenge, for Hollywood Waste Records. Revenge was produced by WiL Francis – front-man of Aiden and William Control – and every track on the five song EP offers a polished blend of driving guitars, anthemic choruses, and heartfelt lyrics.

“We’re excited to announce our upcoming tour with Rev Theory that starts early December!” says vocalist Austin Held. “We’ll be playing mostly west coast to mid-west cities and we’re very excited to spend the better part of this holiday season with an incredible rock band and everyone who’s planning on coming out to the shows. It’s been a little over a month since we’ve been back from our first national tour that ended in mid October. We hope to make some new friends and see some familiar faces while we take another trek through this awesome country. Make sure to check out the dates and rock out the end of the year with us! We’ll see you soon.”

Following these dates, the band will head back into the studio to put the finishing touches on their full-length debut which will be hitting stores in Spring of 2012. A full list of tour dates can be seen below.

Tour Dates with Rev Theory
Dec 9 – Spokane, WA @ The Knitting Factory Concert House
Dec 10 – Boise, ID @ The Knitting Factory Concert House
Dec 11 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound
Dec 14 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Hard Rock Café on the Strip
Dec 18 – Tulsa, OK @ Bob’s at Cain’s
Dec 19 – Little Rock, AZ @ Juanita’s

“…an intense and vengeful escape that will slay your ears.”
– AOL Music

“Their blend of tragic lyrics, explosive drums and bass, escalating guitars and addictive melodies converge in one goal – their music will get you hooked…”
– The Sound Alarm

“…a radio-friendly sound that still maintains its roots in dark alternative rock.”
– The Aquarian Weekly

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Hellhound Music Interview with Girl On Fire

HHM: Tell us exactly what Girl on Fire is about.

As a band and as a group of friends, we’re really about experiencing 
real life. Everything from the good to the bad, the beautiful to the 
ugly. We’re about enjoying the moment and having a story to tell at the 
end of the day. And in the process, playing rock music that people will 
hopefully be able to relate to, and if they want they can join us in the 

HHM: How did the name Girl on Fire come about?

We actually sat around a table with a bunch of books. A Bible, Koran, 
the first “lord of the rings” books, all sorts of stuff along side with 
a case of beer. We compiled a huge list of ideas for names and some had 
mentioned, “maybe we should be something On Fire?” we thought about it, 
made some jokes and a story came up about how one of our friends, during 
prom, almost caught her hair on fire. So we wrote down the idea, Girl on 
Fire and we actually went with a different name for a couple of days. It 
came up again and we all agreed that it sounded better than the name we 
had decided on before. There was nothing profound or incredibly 
meaningful to the name other than it was the first thing we came up with 
as a group and that in itself is more meaningful to us than anything 

HHM: What are some of your musical influences?

We really do love everything. Hip-hop, jazz, classical, pop, rock etc. 
I like to think we’re just a group of music junkies. We like to 
incorporate as much as we can into our music to get the sound we want 
for whatever song we happen to be working on. So, in a nut shell, we 
really can’t say we have a specific group of influences just because we 
don’t want to limit ourselves to one type of sound. We’re just a rock 
band that loves everything!

HHM: What is it like to be signed to Hollywood Waste Records?

The best time of our lives! We get to work with the most amazing and by 
far the nicest people we could ever dream of working with. Whenever 
we’ve talked about a dream label we’ve always wanted to work with people 
and bands we could call family, and to actually be able to say that we 
can with this label is just a huge blessing for us.

HHM: What was it like working with William Control, front man of Aiden, on 
your EP?

WiL has been a long time friend of ours. He’s really helped us out by 
doing the last couple of recordings and he’s just overall a nice guy. Us 
four and WiL make a great team when it comes to writing and recording 
songs. It’s really comfortable for us to go into the studio with him 
because he always seems to knows what type of sound we want to capture 
from song to song. He’s a great producer and has always been there for 
us so it’s just like hanging out with your best friends when we get down 
to laying down tracks.

HHM: You guys are currently on your first national tour with Dr. Acula and 
Get Scared and it’s almost at the end, how has the fan response been?

Everyone at the shows have been so awesome! Asking for pictures, 
signatures and of that which we are always so happy to do for them. We 
want people to have a great experience when they see us live and walk 
away with a story to tell their friends and families. It’s been a great 
first time around the nation.

HHM: Any crazy tour stories?

So far nothing too insane other than a Wal-Mart party that we had on a 
day off in Texas. We parked all of our vehicles in a triangle and in the 
middle we had a little BBQ with each other. It was a great night to 
really hang out and get to know one another more. We ended up playing 
hot potato with a grilled potato wrapped in tinfoil. As we passed it 
around we had to unwrap it and take a bite out of it. We did that a 
couple of times until our burnt mouths couldn’t take it anymore.

HHM: Your EP Revenge was released not too long ago, what are some things you 
like about it and some things you think you could have done better?

We honestly like it a lot. The mixes came out perfectly and we were 
able to have everything sound the way we wanted it to. We’re kinda 
picky. You can always listen to your work and think you could do 
something better. Doesn’t mean we don’t love it, but we just take 
everything we can think of as far as what we could have done better and 
apply it to the next batch of songs that we write. We also don’t ever 
want to overdo it. We like everything in a song to be appropriate for 
its part, whether it’s a guitar solo, screams, a piano part or drum 
beat, everything has to match up before we talk about adding anything 
else. Simple is always good.

HHM: What can your fans expect from you guys in the future?

All we want people to expect from us is growth. Every time we release a 
record or every time we hit the road our desire is to always be better 
than the last time. As of now, everyone can expect us to be on tour a 
lot and we plan on keeping it that way. We will be releasing a 
full-length album sometime next year. We’re looking forward to having a 
lot of fun and want everyone to join us.

HHM: Anything message/closing statements you guys would like to leave for 
the people reading this?

Dream big or go home. Stay positive and you can do anything you set 
your mind to. It’s been said before, but to us those are important words 
to live by.
Girl on Fire is:
Austin Held – Voice
Nick McMahan – Guitar
Josh Mouser – Bass
Harry MacDonald – Drums 


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