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Rules of entry are extremely simple.
-Submit a 1-2 paragraph comment saying how the name “Glory Kid” was chosen for the label.
-One entry per person (Multiple comments will get you disqualified from the contest)
Contest will run from today (5/7/2012) until next Wednesday (5/16/2012) and the winners will be announced shortly after.

1st prize:
– Honest Abe “Someone Punch Abel” 7″
– Raindance “Love Under The Sun” 7″ EP
– Convulsions “The Reaper’s Gift” 7″ EP
– Separation, The “No Exit” 12″ LP

2nd prize:
–  Black Kites / Convulsions “Split” 12″ LP
–  Burn Your Life Down “Don’t Try + Demonstration” CS
–  Agosto Espías “Rolling Cinder” 7″ EP

3rd prize:
–  Drowning With Our Anchors / Maladie “Split” 10″ LP
–  Agosto Espías “Rolling Cinder” 7″ EP

GKR021.5 | Burn Your Life Down “Demonstration + Don’t Try” (CS/DD)
GKR020 | Honest Abe “Someone Punch Abel” (7″/DD)
GKR019 | Black Kites / Convulsions “Split” (12″/DD)
GKR018 | Raindance “Love Under The Sun” (7″/DD)
GKR017 | Convulsions “The Reaper’s Gift” (7″/DD)
GKR016 | Agosto Espias “Rolling Cinder” (7″/DD)
GKR015 | Drowning With Our Anchors / Maladie “Split” (10″/DD)
GKR013 | Separation, The “No Exit” (12″/DD)

GKR021 | Burn Your Life Down “Don’t Try” (12″/DD)
GKR014 | Time For Change “Bye Bye Blackbird” (7″/DD) (2nd press)
GKR011 | Run With The Hunted “Destroy All Calendars” EP (12″/DD) (3rd press)

About Glory Kid:

We stood watching a slow death of an era occur right in front, where innocence was constant throughout predecessors, where emotion held more value than currency. Slower it breathes, with a slight wheeze it exhales life. But with this burden; painful persistence gave birth to a new social class of determination that can only come from young angst and precise hatred toward a world that have left them in the wake of another’s unraveled legacy.

This label represents a united front for independent artist that seek lawfulness in a community that is corrupt just as much as it is not. Where mainstream ideals have infiltrated the very code of ethics we built our foundation upon. As individuals and a community, must enact our human right to artist freedom. The right to create without fear of censorship or exploitation. This label is the very mark that will and has encompassed that strength and freedom to do so. To help reconstruct, produce and support the most fundamental points to ensure quality over quantity.

When you see this icon on any format, remember that there is hope for the future of artist independence in a globalized, commercial driven commerce. For underneath this gear wheeled sun lies our glory within reach, and though we are just kids, we shall regain it.

Originally founded in Southern California in 2001, now settled in Seattle, WA. GKL has been apart of the west coast scene since 2001, releasing some of the most genuine artists such as Black Kites, Convulsions, Time For Change, Run With The Hunted, and The Separation. This label is and always will be a catalyst to promote complete artist control over any sought after projects this collective conducts. Bringing the true meaning of the “for the kids, by the kids” mantra to the forefront. 

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