Go Radio: Close The Distance review

By on September 17, 2012

Go Radio’s debut LP Lucky Street had all the makings to become one of my favorite releases two years ago. If you’ve been reading my reviews long enough you know how I enjoy pop-punk. However, you couldn’t have paid me to care about that album. It was ok, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I was probably just butt hurt over Jason Lancaster leaving Mayday Parade. This was the album I needed to hear to get me over that.

Of the 11 tracks on the album I’m hard pressed to find a single weak chorus. Even the sappy hook in the opening “I Won’t Lie” is able to be taken seriously thanks to Lancaster’s passionate delivery. In fact, certain songs like “Lost and Found” and the title track both seem to be built entirely around the tracks’ choruses. There’s a sensitive side to the album (“What If You Don’t”) as well as a not-so-subtle resentment (“Go To Hell”), but more highlights show up in the closing duo “Over Me” and “Hear Me Out”.

With Close The Distance, Go Radio didn’t break any musical ground. They took rhythms and melodies that were familiar and fleshed them out into something bigger, like expanding upon a musical blueprint. I may never revisit Lucky Street, but I for one am more than content with their latest effort. You can stream the album here: 

RIYL: Matt Nathanson, The Starting Line, Anberlin, Jack’s Mannequin

Track Listing: 

1. I Won’t Lie
2. Baltimore
3. Collide
4. Go To Hell
5. Lost and Found
6. Close The Distance
7. What If You Don’t
8. Things I Don’t See
9. The Ending
10. Over Me
11. Hear Me Out

 Review by Alisha Kirby – HHM