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Russian band GRENOUER was formed in 1992. The band name originates from Grimoire, the textbook of magic, yet as a matter of fact it was strongly modified. GRENOUER’s history can be divided into several stages. The first being a typical Underground/Death Metal, the further evolution of the band did not occur overnight, it developed over time through line up changes, more mature lyrics and vastly improved musicianship. GRENOUER’s debut album ‘Border of Misty Times’ was recorded in 1996 and was followed by ‘Gravehead’ (1999), ‘The Order O’Folly’ (2001) and ‘Presence with War’ (2003). GRENOUER regularly received positive reviews from a large number of Underground publications. In 2006 GRENOUER released ‘Try’. With this album they finally broke away from the confines of Death Metal and achieved a more experimental sound by fusing polyrhythms into the structure of their songs as well as industrial influences. This album was well received worldwide by a large number of musical publications, including big names such as Hard Rock, Rock Sound and Metal Hammer, with the majority of critics drawing comparisons with MESHUGGAH & FEAR FACTORY. In 2007 the band signed a contract with the British label Casket Music to formally release the album ‘Try’. In parallel with all of these developments, GRENOUER commenced working on new material with the intention of achieving far more. The recording took place in the Finnish Studio ‘Astia’ with the platinum selling producer Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Norther, Impaled Nazarene and more!) resulting in the album titled ‘Lifelong Days’. This consisted of 11 original songs which combine modern metal, hardcore & progressive bound together with intricate polyrhythmic components (KKKK in Kerrang Magazine). The lyrics on this album represent all the hardships that the band have endured during their long career, but also touches on the issue that life is fleeting and the reality of this is inevitable. GRENOUER signed a record contract with Locomotive Records for them to release ‘Lifelong Days’ in both Europe and the USA, which seemed to open up new horizons for the band. The release was followed by band’s participation in big festivals, touring in Europe, sharing stage with famous bands like ANATHEMA, CRADLE OF FILTH, SOILWORK, PRO PAIN, NEUROSIS, ENTOMBED, TIAMAT, TRAIL OF TEARS, etc. and playing significant gigs at home, e.g. as a supporting act before TESTAMENT, TEXTURES, TESSERACT, etc. After that GRENOUER started composing new material running the same way as ‘Lifelong Days’ – mixture of progressive metal and core approach. A lot of songs were made but this material was never brought to studio. Locomotive Records announced closing of activities and like many other bands GRENOUER were forced to alter their plans from the point of view of schedules and budgeting. In the context of no hurry GRENOUER initiated new creative brainstorming which finally caused dramatic changes. Taking inspiration from post-grunge and hard rock feeling, bands like DARK NEW DAY, ALICE IN CHAINS, FILTER, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, SIXX AM, SOUNDGARDEN, and even GREEN DAY, LINKIN PARK or SMASHING PUMPKINS, GRENOUER pulled the strings down to play rock metal. Rough vocals were replaced by singing and polyrhythmic drums changed to straight powerful beating. New music direction caused disputes inside the band, varied opinions resulted in line up changes – the band got divided into two parts – Ind, lead vocal and Motor, guitar on one side and Slavij, bass and Grave, drums on the other side. The rhythm section declared their departure soon after three new songs were recorded in autumn 2010. The remaining members pursued the work over new material and recruited new players. Two more songs were recorded in summer 2011 and renewed GRENOUER decided to form a release of these five songs – despite different time of recording and different line up they comprise wholeness of sound and transition concept. GRENOUER signed agreement with Copro Records and band’s seventh CD got the name ‘Computer Crime’. Recorded, produced and mixed at ‘Astia’ Studio in Finland with above mentioned Anssi Kippo and Jonas Kooto (MALPRACTICE, TO/DIE/FOR, OMNIUM GATHERUM). Artwork also comes from Finland – done by artist Juha Vuorma who previously performed covers for EDGE OF SANITY, WHIPLASH, AUTOPSY, KALMAH and others.eir music was changing gradually from death metal to sophisticated progressive metal comparable to Meshuggah, A Life Once Lost, Sadist, Strapping Young Lad or Gojira without the really fast stuff. “Grenouer are a devastating mixture of Polyrhythmic intricacy and face-peeling riffs, and a true testament that Russia’s metal scene is not a thing to be laughed at…” ( Jamie Graham – Terrorizer Magazine). Grenouer got really positive opinion from other big magazines like Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Hard Rock, Legacy and thousands of great reviews in web-zines. Grenouer tours all along huge Russia and in Europe.

Latest release “Computer Crime” 5 song EP has been released through Copro Records (UK)

Grenouer is:
Igor Arbue
Mikele Coroner



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