Hatebreed: The Divinity Of Purpose Review

By on January 29, 2013


Razor & Tie
January 29th

“I take it all and I put it to the torch! I torch it all without a single shred of remorse!” I’m just going to get right to it; The Divinity of Purpose absolutely explodes with its opening track “Put It To The Torch” a song that sets a musical wildfire while launching an armor piercing lyrical assault [safety off]. The album’s next track “Honor Never Dies” resurrects the aggression with a thrashing rhythm before unleashing a powerful chorus accompanied by a sick melodic lead. “Own Your World” speeds it up in a Hardcore/Thrash Metal style and delivers some seriously scorching gang vocals. The album’s next track “Own Your World” is a mosh pit dream anthem that fans are sure to appreciate. “The Language” chimes in next with rhythmic distortion, a zipping solo, and some heavy bass. “Before The Fight” continues The Divinity of Purpose’s metallic direction before Hatebreed mixes it up in the album’s 6th track “Invisible” incorporating instrumental elements of Punk: the respective sound blends well with song’s metal infused Punk-Rock chorus. A killer melody opens the next track “Dead Man Breathing” a song that showcases some impressive technical guitar work. Song #8, the album’s title track, is a name worthy metal performance that features a dropped down tone and some unique usage of clean vocals.

“Nothing Scars Me”, “Bitter Truth” and “Boundless (Time To Murder It)” [ a personal favorite] are all solid tracks that drive the album to its close with “Idolized and Vilified” a fast and destructive song that ends the album on the same explosive note that it began. The Divinity Of Purpose is another top notch release from Hatebreed that is sure to please their core fans while showcasing some of the band’s more diverse talent. The album drops January 29th on Razor & Tie, Be sure to grab your copy on iTunes; Hatebreed fans and all metal fans alike are sure to enjoy.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM