Heather M ‘Wanna Have Fun’ Featuring MayK out now on Crowd Records

By on July 1, 2014
Heather M

Following the release of her electric progressive house track “Break Your Dub,” NYC based producer Heather M releases a sparkling dance floor knock-out “Wanna Have Fun.” This track is a culmination of Heather M’s NYC roots. The track began as a melodic dance track without vocals. Knowing she was on to something catchy and original, she knew the track still needed something. While trying to find a simple hook for the track, she was introduced to MayK. Together, they came up with a catchy vocal that made the track go from fun to memorable. It’s a playful pastiche of fast-moving beats coupled with smooth and seductive vocals.  Just like the NYC itself, the song is both a whirlwind and a wind-down.  So, whether you wanna jump around or you just wanna groove and move, one thing is for sure…you wanna have fun.



Heather M is an electronic artist who started her career in New York.  Under the influence of such a relentlessly diverse city, her music is a reflection of everything that surrounds her. Heather M is quickly moving up in the dance scene being booked around the globe. She is best known for working along side strong global campaign events and well known celebrity artists like Justin Timberlake. Since 2012, she has had several hit releases and continues to produce mega club hits as well as gain radio exposure. As an artist, she strives to create music that is straightforward enough for the conventional listener to love…but complex enough for the underground audience to appreciate.  She holds the same philosophy when it comes to music and when it comes to life: there no walls between us. A strong Human Rights supporter, she believes music is one of the most unifying elements of the human experience. Whether you are poor, rich, gay, straight, white, black, young or old; music transcends all boundaries.


MayK began singing at the tender age of 5 in the opera in Israel.  When she was 19, she took a huge leap to NYC with intention to make a dent in the music business. A self learned pianist, she has written and recorded along side Sony, Stargate, Steve Aoki, Berman Brothers, Damon Sharpe, Rob Davis, and many more. MayK brings a unique presence to the dance world with a versatile  vocal range that can get soulful, sultry, playful, or passionate. MayK has a strong tone and stage presence, she is definitely a vocalist that stands out above the rest.

Cindy Lauper said that girls just wanna have fun but for Heather M and MayK fun is not gender specfic. Girls, guys, and some folks in scooby masks dance, drink, and have all the fun in the world amidst the New York City landscape. Get lost in this fun and bubbly music video for Heather’s latest release “Wanna Have Fun” featuring Mayk.


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