Hellhound Music’s Interview With Saint Ridley

By on March 16, 2017


Saint Ridley’s Paul Ridley hung out with Hellhound Music to discuss the band’s future as well as past tour experiences and his love of woodworking.

HHM: I’ve seen you guys around for a few years. How long exactly has the band been together?

Saint Ridley: 5 or 6 years

HHM: What are your touring plans for 2017?

Saint Ridley: We would love to tour as much as possible, to be honest.  We took some time off to write the new album and we’re dying to hit the road again.  We seriously miss it. Can’t wait!

HHM: I know you did a DevilDriver tour. How was Dez as a frontman during the tour?

Saint Ridley: Actually, we toured with Coal Chamber twice.  Once with Filter and another time with Fear Factory.  Dez – what can I say about Dez and give him the justice he deserves?  I am very grateful to Dez for taking us on tour.  He put us in front of some of the best crowds we ever played for.  It was sold out almost every night and we gave it everything we had every single night.  Those tours were brutal.  Dez and I ended up becoming pretty good friends.  He has given me advice and pointed me in a better direction numerous times.  He’s a down-to-earth, hard working dude who gives perfect performances every night.  I watched him every night for 45 shows and he never had a bad night.  Amazing!

HHM: Can you tell me about any memorable times on tour?

Saint Ridley: On the Coal Chamber/Fear Factory tour, we played Harpo’s in Detroit. We are from Detroit and getting a decent show at Harpo’s as a local was next to impossible – they would treat you like shit and give you 20 minutes, if you were lucky.  It was nice to return home as a national act and finally get treated with respect in front of a sold out crowd.  We played probably one of the best shows of our lives that night.  All our merchandise was sold out, and we were surrounded by familiar faces as we tried our hardest to make Detroit proud.

HHM: Who writes the music and lyrics for your Saint Ridley?

Saint Ridley: I write all the lyrics and my guitar parts.  Phil writes his. Drums are all Rich and Nathan writes like a madman as well.

HHM: I hear people comparing you to many other artists, what three artists do you think you are compared to the most?

Saint Ridley: I get Mudvayne a lot, Seether, Nirvana, and Breaking Benjamin mostly.  All of those are a great compliment to me.

HHM: What are you working on at this moment in music?

Saint Ridley: I guess I’m really trying to paint a better picture with my lyrics and maybe be a little more vague at the same time.  I’d like my lyrics to touch as many lost souls as possible. And I’m always trying to improve the hooks.

HHM: I read you do woodworking. Can you tell us more about this? Can you build me a coffee table?

Saint Ridley: I started Bearded Yeti Woodworks to make extra cash while I’m not on the road.  I mainly do custom hardwood tables.  I could build you a coffee table in my sleep, so get at me.

paul-ridleyHHM: Who taught you to do woodworking?

Saint Ridley: Mostly, my father did when I was a kid.  Everything else I taught myself through research and practice.

HHM: What are your personal and band goals for 2017?

Saint Ridley: I just want to tour, man. I feel lost without it.

HHM: What bands influenced you to be involved in music – now and when you were a kid?

Saint Ridley: When I was a kid, Pantera was it for me.  Also Sepultura, Soulfly, and Mudvayne.   I also loved punk. Nowadays, I’m more chill; Gaslight Anthem, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, stuff like that.

HHM: Lastly, what type of guitar do you play on tour? Do you use a different guitar when you’re in the studio?

Saint Ridley: On the road I used to use all custom Deans, but since Schecter started taking care of us, I use all Schecters on stage.  In the studio I use both, and a custom Les Paul my father bought me about nine years ago before he died.  It all depends on the sound I need, as well as the tempo of the song.  My Deans are easier to play fast and they all have Floyds in them.

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