Hellhound’s Interview with Public Display of Aggression

By on May 2, 2017

public-display-of-aggressionPublic Display of Aggression is a business metal band from Denver, Colorado.While their high-energy, intensely aggressive sound is true to metal, their message is pure punk. PDA has supported acts such as Born of Osiris, Powerman 5000, and American Head Charge. They are planning to re-release their debut album To Live and Die in Your Suit and Tie this summer. PDA took a moment to answer our questions about their album and upcoming video release, and the band’s pet peeves. They also gave us unsolicited advice about joining the Mile High Club. You’re welcome.


HHM: Having coined the term “business metal,” please tell us what that means? Have you ever performed in a board room?

PDA: Business metal, to us, is to offend everything you believe in while looking better than you doing it. We took photos in a board room, does that count?

HHM: If Guy Fawkes was alive today would he be a fan of PDA? Or would he slap those masks off you and try to blow you up?

PDA: Guy Fawkes was known for trying to blow things up. However, he was also never very good at it, so I think we’d be safe either way. That being said, the whole concept behind what we do is similar to what he was attempting to accomplish, so I think he’d be a fan.

HHM: What motivates you?

PDA: To get back on that stage and travel around in our smelly, smelly tour van. . . Plus all the free pizza.

HHM: Describe your perfect day.

PDA: Wake up, grilled cheese.

         Romp time around the neighborhood.

         Another grilled cheese.

         Take a breath.

         Beer. Grilled cheese.

         Pour a nice tall glass of Trix cereal and Surge for milk.

         Romp again, flipping off infants and the elderly.

         Find $20.



HHM: Would you rather be poor or ugly?

PDA: Why not both!?

HHM: So you are re-releasing To Live And Die In Your Suit And Tie. Why? What’s the scoop on that? What will be different? What’s the drop date?

PDA: We really wanted to just tweak a couple of things so that way we could call it a brand new album and sell it and make epic piles of loot all over again. There are quite a few differences: more singing, different drummer, added a guitar player, and we actually taught Dashing Kenny Daggers how to play the bass. Our official drop date is July 7th.

HHM: At what age would you consider someone to be old?

PDA: Someone is officially old when they decide that they like bleu cheese.

HHM: How do you think the world will end?

PDA: Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

HHM: What is the best thing about living in Denver?

PDA: ALL sex here counts as joining the Mile High Club.

HHM: You just filmed a new video. For which song? What’s the style and visual vibe of the video? Is it a mini-film or a performance video, or both?

PDA: We made the video for our song “Reaper’s Waltz.” The visual vibe is very…visual. There are some people on a stage. A whole lot of shouting. At one point I saw a guy with a skull where his face should be. I dunno, I guess you’ll have to see it to believe it.

HHM: What is each member’s biggest pet peeve? Details!

PDA: Murder Mike hates ducks. They always take his last piece of bread. It is a sad sight. As listed above, we love grilled cheese. James Aggression hates Styrofoam and the word moist. A clown once attended his birthday party squeaking Styrofoam and one ear while whispering “moist” in the other. Rage hates balloons and certain kinds of napkins. Mainly the doily ones. Tommy Mayhem hates white shoes. No one knows why. Dashing Kenny Daggers hates when Rage takes the last beer and only gives him a soda.

HHM: Do you believe in luck?

PDA: No. But we do believe in magic. ESPECIALLY in a young girl’s heart.

HHM: What’s the one question you wish someone would finally ask you? And what is the answer?

PDA: We would love to be asked JUST ONCE how we would like our check for $1,000,000 to be written out to us.

HHM: What’s PDA’s plans for the rest of 2017?

PDA: Tour’n. . .Bait’n and tour’n.


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