HHM interview with Adena Atkins

By on September 24, 2012

HHM: Please Tell our readers about your upcoming Project? 

Atkins: What I’m recording right now is a mini-album, an EP. The songs are very accessible and potent, dealing with themes like betrayal and coming of age. I’m excited to say that the production quality is going to be absolutely stellar and oh yeah, there’s a lot of timpani!

HHM: Who is going to produce the album? 

Atkins: Angel Angelov is producing this project. He’s an amazing man and he has an amazing portfolio–a fun fact about him is that he helped engineer George Michael’s album Faith when he was 13 years old!

HHM: How did you get in contact / meet the producer? 

Atkins: I used to teach yoga to Angel at the Gold’s Gym directly opposite Fenway Park. We were neighbors and we became friends. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and this year decided it was time to work together–although we’re no longer neighbors.

HHM: How has been the writing process for the new album? 

Atkins: There are some songs that took me years to write. There’s one song that came through me mostly intact in a single shivering night.

HHM: What are your exceptions for the upcoming record? How do you think it will differ from “The Slowest Curve?” 

Atkins: I expect this album to be immediately compelling, which opens up a lot of opportunities–I’m excited about that! I love The Slowest Curve, but it’s both demanding and subtle. In some ways it wasn’t designed for contemporary life.

HHM: Is there a song that you can’t wait to record? If so, what is it about? 

Atkins: Yes! I’ve a new one coming through–a Cure-inspired ballad called Stranger In An Unmarked Car.

HHM: I see you are starting a fundraiser during the month of September. Where can people go to donate?

Atkins: You can donate right on my website at www.adenaatkins.com. It’s much appreciated!

HHM: What is your goal amount? 

Atkins: My goal is to raise 3,000, which, combined with what I’m paying out of pocket, will cover recording expenses. Any extra that is raised will go directly to the mastering, manufacturing, and promotion of this project. In that order.

HHM: I like that you are doing a private fundraiser and not using kickstarter. What were you main reasons for not using Kickstarter? 

Atkins: When people donate to Kickstarter, Kickstarter takes 5% of of the funds raised and Amazon takes an additional 3-5%, so not all of the support that’s being given to the project actually funds it. Additionally it’s an all or nothing situation where if you fall short of the goal, no donations are collected. I didn’t want this policy to put undue pressure on my friends, family, and fans.

HHM: Kickstarter gives rewards for people who donate… Are you going to give anything in return for people who contribute to your fundraiser? 

Atkins: Absolutely! At a bare minimum, every single person who donates will be getting a complimentary pre-release download of the album. I’m actually plotting out many other surprise gifts because I’m so grateful to my community!

HHM: Is there anything else you want to tell our readers while you have their full attention?

Atkins: Yes–hi readers! Thank you for reading all about my project–it’s people like you who allow the arts to continue.


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