Hollywood Undead 2017 Tour @ The NorVA

By on October 15, 2017

Tonight we are honored to have Hollywood Undead here at the NorVa. Last time they hit this stage was back in 2011 from the endless summer tour. I know this is going to be a killer show. A line that stretched down the block almost an hour before the doors open. So let’s begin with opener band “Butcher Babies” a heavy metal band from Los Angeles releasing their first album back in 2013. These ladies know how to get the fans going. Even ending their 11 song set with singer Heidi Shepherd standing in the middle of a mosh pit singing as fans moshed around her. As they left the stage you can still feel the energy from their performance. So now the main event, lights dim down and bam! Starting off the set with “Whatever it takes” a crowd favorite judging by the screams and hands up in the air.  Leading into the next song “Usual suspects” followed by “Undead” fans are definitely enjoying what they are seeing and hearing. The night still young and a set of 14 songs and ending the night with an 2 song encore. We all are asking when will they be back?

Hollywood Undead Official site: https://hollywoodundead.com/

Butcher Babies Official Site: https://butcherbabiesofficial.com/