Honour Crest Metrics review

By on September 24, 2012

Alright everyone dust off your two stepp’n shoes and prepare for an album that is breakdown heavy. Honour Crest’s newest release Metrics combines metalcore/ post hardcore riffs with plenty of synth. The guitars have a nice heavy tone that make each breakdown sound better than the last. All the different synth tones and quick abrupt changes make this album interesting and appealing to anyone who is into the hardcore music scene.  

“Flux” starts off with a catchy melodic keyboard riff that weaves in and out of the chorus‘s. The drums in this song are tight, fast and technical, just the way I like em’ throwing in plenty of intricate beats using the china and symbols. As the song dives into the breakdowns and catchy guitar riffs, I really enjoyed the harmonics a dramatic drop offs making the transition into the chorus powerful. The interesting glitchy intro in “Lighthouses” is sick the way the synth cuts in and out as it stays on beat with the other keyboard giving off a strange feeling like a light is flickering. I like how the vocals are fused with choppy effects and  how aggressive the screaming is. The guitars are complex using melodic riffs and tremolos that complement one another as the song gets progressively heavier. “Horcrux” has harmonized guitar parts that sound uplifting and epic. The breakdowns are tight, the way the guitars are constantly throwing in harmonics and dive bombs. The layered vocals in the chorus sound full and triumphant carrying this song to a whole new level. The overall presence of “Crawling through Quicksand” is fierce and aggressive. When I listened to this song it gave me an adrenalin shot of energy and rage. Everything in this song is strong the guitars shred, the drums are fast , and the vocals are ferocious. To watch their new music video here’s a link :http://www.altpress.com/aptv/video/video_premiere_honour_crest_horcrux 
Track Listings:
1. Flux
2. We Walked On Glass( For What Seemed Like Days)
3. Horcrux
4. Interlude
5. Search & Siezure
6. Crawling Through Quicksand
7. Reason With Myself

RIYL: Sky Eats Airplane, The Word Alive, Close To Home