Ingrid Presents Hortlax Cobra – 1984; A Sonic Homage to Van Halen…

By on October 9, 2012

John Eriksson returns as his alter ego Hortlax Cobra this winter with 1984, the musical prequel to his debut album Night Shift1984is due out December 12th on the Swedish Artist Collective INGRID and is a sonic experiment in which Hortlax Cobra takes Van Halen’s seminal record 1984 on an electronic ride through time.  For the recording, Eriksson creates all original music, but kept the same track lengths, tempos, keys, and song-titles as Van Halen’s 1984.  Van Halen’s 1984was the first album that Eriksson ever owned and he credits the release for setting the tone for his longstanding musical career.  The pulsating, synth-driven tracks on this rendition of 1984create another timeless masterpiece of the same name. 
Hortlax Cobra released his debut album Night Shift in June 2012 on INGRID.  Recorded in Stockholm and Milan over the course of two years, the album is a phantasmal, nightly journey from Berlin to Miami filled with surprising twists and obscure guessing games.  Eriksson started working on Night Shift after being admittedly exhausted from spending the last couple of years working on 1984 and feeling the need to take a break and do something simple.  For Night Shift Eriksson enlisted the help of drummer Pontus Berghe (Thieves Like Us, Holiday For Strings) to record some percussion and bass lines to help speed things along.  However the two likeminded artists both love to dive into details, so it was another couple of years before Night Shift was completed.  The resulting album takes the listener on a sonic journey.  Imagine if Giorgio Moroder would have composed music for Ingmar Bergman or if someone from ABBA collaborated on an album together with someone from Kraftwerk, this is the record it might have sounded like.
Ultimately Night Shiftcame out before 1984, despite being recorded after and both further establish the Hortlax Cobra persona.  Hortlax Cobra is just one sonic personality of Swedish drummer, composer and classical percussionist John Eriksson.  As Hortlax Cobra he explores the world of electronic and acoustic music and brings influences from classical contemporary music and from his work in the Swedish pop trio Peter Bjorn and John into a musical blend of lo-fi disco, minimalism, action-movie soundtrack music from the 80´s, sound collage and synth-pop.

Hortlax Cobra – 1984
Performed, arranged and mixed by John Eriksson
Written and produced by John Eriksson
Released by Ingrid December 12th 2012