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HHM: You’ve been playing music since a pretty young age, what was it that drove you to learn to play?
Rob: I started being fascinated by poetry when I was around 9, and also wrote some myself, I loved the rhyme of the words and the spontaneous melody that would spring out when reciting them. Later on I decided to learn to play the guitar as a result of hearing songs like Alice Cooper’s “Steven” or Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ “I could have lied”. I had this urge to play and sing these songs myself.

HHM: How long before it turned into something that you wanted to do with your life rather than just a hobby?
Rob:Well it took a long time, giving up a secure source of income for a speculation of succeeding in the music industry is a risky decision, but I gradually went that path.

HHM: How big of an impact on your life has that decision made?
Rob:A very big impact, I am more spiritual now and take my music much more serious.

HHM: Are you originally from New York? How tough is it being an upcoming musician in NY?
Rob: I’m Austrian and grew up in Vienna and lived in Marbella, Spain before moving to New York. It was a decision I didn’t regret, as I love the City’s incredible vibe and creative energy. There are so many talented musicians here and its very rewarding to work with them and inspiring to be around them.

HHM: What would you say are some of your proudest accomplishments thus far as a musician?
Rob: I would say simply believing in myself and going ahead with a plan I made to bring my music and poetry to the world., releasing my first single and performing in some notable venues in NYC.

HHM: You definitely have a classic style, what are some of your biggest influences musically?
Rob: Well as a teenager I had my Beatles phase , and then Alice Cooper, The Doors and later on Alice In Chains. But I was also always hypnotized by classical music and opera.

HHM: What’s your writing process like?
Rob: Most of my songs are not carrying a clear straight forward message, but rather creating surreal impression through poetic verses and obscure imagery, like David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” or Alice Cooper’s song “Generation Landslide”. Or most of Jim Morrisons poetry/lyrics.
I was always fascinated by surrealism and poets with dreamy imagery and words that dont necessarily make sense but create a general sentiment or evoke something deep in our sub-conscious. Arthur Rimbaud, William Blake are my favorites, and i guess this has been reflected in my lyrics.
But with “Burn me to the Ground ” for example there is also an underlying political message of rebellion and that in the long-run true discontent of people cant be completely ignored or suppressed by the ruling elite.

HHM: Are you working on new material currently?
Rob: We just finished the production of a 4 song EP entitled “Pain” produced by Stuart Epps, who has worked with Led Zeppelin and Elton John.

HHM: When are you hoping to be able to release that to your fans?
Rob: It will be released in the next 3-4 months supported by an international tour.

HHM: Are there any updates, any other news you would like to share with readers/fans?
Rob: I would like to thank everyone for their support at my last show at Brooklyn Bowl, I was pretty sick with cold flu and fever and honestly thought i would collapse on stage, but when the music started and my drummer hit it off I was struck with lighting and temporarily healed. After the show I did collapse though.

Highlights from a Live performance at Brooklyn Bowl

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