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By on April 17, 2013


HHM: So, what’s been going on since the last time we talked?

Well we’ve played a handful of great events and we’re almost finished writing our first full length album.

HHM: If you had to explain to people who Split The D is and what they stand for in one word…..what would it be?

I’m can already see everyone expecting a specific answer to this one. It’s easy for us, Bros. We’re all about just having a good time playing music with each other, writing and performing. We’re all brothers here.

HHM: You guys are working on a  new full-length,  how much different is it for you compared to your EP?

We’re just finishing writing and recording it. Although it definitely was a lot different this time around. It was the first time the new line up was in the studio all together and it definitely made a difference.

HHM: Do you feel like you’ve found your groove now as a band? That you take this band a lot more serious?

Yeah I’d say we’re pretty comfortable right now. We all work together very well together and all take it very seriously.

HHM: When it comes to writing, how do you guys like to best go about the process?

The guitars and bass happen first. Then its introduced to Kevin to write the drum parts. The very last thing we do is lyrics and vocals.

HHM: Pop Punk really seems to be making a big surge…How much of a Pop Punk scene support system is there in Pittsburgh?

There’s a lot of great promoters in our area. A few members of Split The D work for a promotional company called Good Rat Promotion. It’s not very hard to find shows to play around here. The scene is growing rapidly every day.

HHM: How often do you guys like to play live? Who are some of the bands in PA you have the most fun playing with?

There is so many but right off the bat i’d say A Breathless September, Blaring For The Desolate, Before You, and The SpacePimps.

HHM: Have you guys been able to get out on the road and play for some new fans outside of Pittsburgh?

We’ve played numerous places all around Western Pennsylvania but we just haven’t really gone to far yet. We’ve been tossing around the idea of visiting a few places this summer for a short weekend tour.

HHM: You are getting ready to release your second video, What song is the video for? Since you already had one under your belt, did you have a better idea this time when working out the video treatment?

The concept of the video is definitely the key factor for this one. We just finished shooting it this weekend, it’s for our song Legacies. 
This time around it was a bigger production with extras and multiple locations. It was a exciting experience and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

HHM: What are some things up to this point that you are most proud of as the front man of the band?

I’m just flat out honored to be given the opportunity to play with these amazing musicians. I’m proud to be considered part of this band.

HHM: Any plans for the coming months you are really looking forward to? 
Music video, full length, and a lot more performing.

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