Interview with Bulgarian Pop Punk band Better Than Grey

By on January 21, 2013


HHM: You guys formed in 2011, listening to your music, it is apparent you aren’t that new to music individually.

Well, glad to hear that… Indeed we’ve all been doing music the bigger part of our lives, some of us got music college education as well, but we’ve all been playing from child’s age.

HHM: Did Better Than Grey start out as more of a way for you guys to jam together or was it more serious than from the beginning?

By the time BTG was formed everyone already had gone through enough jamming, so everyone knew what all is about. This is the reason the debut album is called “No Way Back”

HHM: What have you officially released as far as music to date?

Our debut album called “No Way Back”. It has 11 original songs. 11 of them are awesome.

HHM: How strong of a Pop Punk scene does Bulgaria have would you say?

On a scale from 1 to 100, probably about … 7 …maybe 7 ½ …

HHM: Where do you get most of your musical inspiration from?

From the private stories of our favorite artists and bands of course. There’s always something to learn.



HHM: You seem to have your shit together so to speak….is there any model you used as far as bands when you start this project?

We’ve always looked up to the best bands in the industry and tried to be the least as good as them… we kind of have the ‘no mountain too high’ attitude towards our project.

HHM: Do you guys spend a lot of time writing new material together or is that something you guys like to do on your own?

Well, like most of the bands we’ve chosen to work on a scheme where someone came up with the idea or a rough sketch of the whole song and the others help him to accomplish it with their individual instrumental arrangements, with some additional ideas on music or lyrics, which strengthened the whole thing. The idea is, that when you start something new you have to be on your own, but if you want to make it bigger, better and brighter you will need the help of others! Simple thing. J   

HHM: The “I Am” video, it is pretty interesting to say the least, how did you guys pull that off?

We used a website called, which offers varieties of services for $5. We found few guys who offer video testimonials and asked them if they’d like to participate in such video, everyone got their $5 and most of the participants were really happy that they were part of that.

HHM: Are there any touring plans for BTG coming this Spring and Summer?

Probably not for the spring/summer, hopefully late summer / early autumn.

HHM: What are some of more ambitious goals that you guys have for the band this year?

A good tour with a bigger headliner, lots of radio plays and a billion you tube views

HHM: How do you guys like to interact with fans the most? Social media, shows?

We’re artists… there is no better connection then a good gig. We’re really happy social media exists of course it does a lot for us.

HHM: What’s next for BTG, any news you can share, releases coming up?

Well, currently we recorded a brand new track, which we called “Never Back Down”- very nice and catchy song. We plan to start working on a couple of new stuff as well, on some acoustic versions of our songs and also some covers, which will include double bass, which we are pretty excited about… there will be a videos too…So stay tuned and don’t forget to like out our Facebook page, just to be sure that you are not going to miss anything! Bless you all 

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