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By on March 23, 2014

Comeback Kid

Hellhound Music interviews Andrew Neufeld (Vocals) COMEBACK KID

HHM: You just released a new video for Should Know Better. Do you guys really get into doing videos or feel like it’s something you have to do?

Andrew: It is usually fun!  Sometimes you get self-conscious going crazy and singing into a camera or whatever, but I can get over that. Our new video “Should Know Better” was one of the most fun videos we have ever done. Everyone got pretty wasted, our friends pretty much let us have a big party where everyone was breaking shit. TVs, toilets, etc. and we got it on film. It’s a light hearted video not to be taken too seriously.


HHM: This tour just kicked off and it looks like you’ll be on the road for quite a while. On a stretch like this, what tends to be the easiest and hardest parts? Beginning, middle, or near the end?

Andrew: It goes in waves. It also depends on where you are in the tour… like if you are about to get to NYC that is super exciting. Right now we are heading to the South East states. That is exciting for us because it’s been so cold lately. You find little things to look forward to but then again everyone has their off days and missing home, their lover, etc.  The end tends to be the time when you don’t mind it getting done. We have a new record coming out though, so there is not much of an end in sight. But I’m okay with that! We’ve been itching to play again after recording the album!


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photo credit: Allison Kymmell


HHM: There was a pretty large gap in between your last full length record. Was there any particular reason for that?

Andrew: We have never been a band that release albums every 1 – 2 years and I think that is maybe one ingredient to our longevity as a band. We take our time with writing and recording. We tour a lot and go to a lot of different countries and that sometimes becomes priority. Then we also have other projects, music and otherwise, and relationships, and you need a break sometimes. Also we all live in different cities so that helps with the whole taking a while thing.


HHM: You just released Die Knowing , how stoked are you to finally have the fans digest the whole record?

Andrew: It’s a really cool time. I’m curious to hear what people think about the record. Really, I’m mostly excited to add some new songs into our set because I think they are killer and this is our hardest record yet.

Comeback Kid Die Knowing

HHM: Do you guys keep relative close contact during ‘off time’ or do you decompress and try to get away from it all?

Andrew: There are a lot of emails and maybe a couple phone calls here and there, but it’s usually maybe a week or 2 that we have away from each other at a time, so we don’t need to be checking up on each other all the time you know?

HHM: As far as recording goes for CBK. You’ve spent a lot of time in the studio, what’s a typical studio session like for you guys? Do hit the studio with everything in order or do you like to take the time to tweak and finalize songs?

Andrew: In a perfect situation I am able to go into the studio with everything in order, ready to just “document” the songs the way they should go down. But with all the options these days that technology has allowed us, I usually end up leaving options open. Often times recording more than one idea so we are able to listen back and choose later. That is especially the case with vocals and maybe some guitar leads etc. Occasionally there will be a whole section of a part that we will take out. Maybe a couple bars or so if it seems like it’s dragging on. On this last record we actually had recorded 2 intros for a song “Unconditional” with the drums and we ended up choosing which one flowed better afterwards. It’s always nice to be able to listen back to something recorded and then make the decision. I’m sure one day I will record to tape and just have to roll with it too! That would be a challenge, but a fun one indeed.

Andrew Neufeld Comeback Kid

photo credit: Allison Kymmell

HHM: On the media side of things, I see a definite increase in popularity for the genre. From your side of things, touring the country non-stop, do you notice an increase in fans from outside the ‘Hardcore Punk Scene’ coming to shows, clubs etc?

Andrew: For us, not really. I mean, I think that Comeback Kid can be seen or used as somewhat of a “gateway” band for hardcore for some people. A lot of people have told me that we are the first HC band they have ever heard, and from there they are able to dig deeper and find this whole wonderful scene of ours. In the US though especially it’s usually HC kids coming out to our shows. In Canada maybe it’s a bit more of a diverse crowd. Not as many tours go through there so it’s more an eclectic mix of people coming out. And we always create diverse packages with harder and melodic bands on the packages so we aim to mix it up as well. It’s really hard for me to say. I feel like our tours have been pretty consistent all around for the last few years. I see what you are saying, but it hasn’t really affected us too much.


HHM: There is a healthy crop of new bands picking up on the roots of Hardcore Punk and putting out fresh new music? Are there some bands you are particularly into?

Andrew: We are taking a band on tour in Europe and Canada starting next week called The Greenery. They sound pretty cool. I just saw them for the first time last weekend. Take Offence is another band I would like to see more of. They have been around a few years but their shit sounds really cool, and they have been making some fun videos lately. Backtrack, Rotting Out, and Turnstile are obviously some of the best and biggest HC bands out right now and I’m excited to see where they go as their bands go even further. Devil In Me from Portugal will have a new record out soon too called “Soul Rebel” Check it out!


HHM: Does the added enthusiasm give you guys a boost? Make you want to keep pushing yourselves?

Andrew: New exciting music is always motivating for me to push myself in regards to songwriting and playing live. Yes definitely.


HHM: Any advice to some of those bands that no doubt look up to you and take inspiration from the way you tour, play and conduct yourselves?

Andrew: Love what you do, and try to be responsible for yourself and your band. It’s important for bands to respect each other WITHIN the band. I think that is one of the main things that break bands up, when people just end up not on the same page. I am very different from my bandmates but I think what has helped us last this long is just trying to find common ground on tour on and off stage, and not stepping on each other’s toes too much when you live in close quarters. That’s the kind of thing that pisses people off. Respect each other, and those you come in contact with, and it will make a difference.

HHM: You have a stout tour schedule in the coming months. The US, Europe then a good month back in Canada. Are you going to be headed home for a stint?

Andrew: I have one day home in between this US tour and Europe, then a week off before Canada. New record, back to the grind!
HHM: In closing, any parting words, anything you’d like to plug or announce?

Andrew: and until we update our website. That’s got all the info! Thanks for the interview!

Interview by DaveHHM

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