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By on January 28, 2013


HHM: So this tour just got underway, for the most part…What are your thoughts on winter touring?


Garret: It’s rough, I hate it…haha. We’ve been doing this for 4 years, this is one of those tours where we’re staying in hotels often. We’re usually that kind of band that does the sleeping in the van or find a place to crash thing. It’s been nice on this tour…we’re from Illinois, but I still hate cold weather.


HHM: Do you ever really get used to it or does it just become part of the routine?


Garret: Man, it’s just push and pull. You go home for a couple weeks, you get comfortable being at home then boom, it’s time to leave again. There’s a sense of insecurity when you’re on the road full time. You also play repeat venues, you se you kids that you connect with so that gives you a sense of home too but it’s just constant push and pull. It’s really testing.


HHM: I wanted to touch base on this just a little. The subject of the Christian band thing. I know you guys don’t really claim to be, but don’t you feel like kids are going to relates with your music in their own way anyway?


Garret: Exactly. We’re not a Christian band. To be honest, I’ve always thought that using a creative outlet, artist outlet, being a writer or singer in a band you should just be honest about what you’re writing. There’s no reason not to be. That’s your outlet and your creativity before anyone else’s. Our band writes songs FOR kids through the things that we have been through in life. I know early on that kind of started out with a Christian backbone. I know me personally as the lyricist of the band I’m kind of in a stagnant not real sure phase that’s been there for a while. I say some stuff on the new record that’s going to conflict with that dramatically. The thing is, it’s written so people can dissect it and take their own way. It’s just that.


HHM: I feel like a verse or a chorus can be taken differently from one person to the next.


Garret: Yeah, exactly.


HHM: If you had to sum up The Color Morale in one sentence….


Garret: I’d say…It’s just 5 guys trying to make sense out of nothing turning to something. Yeah, that’s the first thing that popped into my head.


HHM: Yeah, I gotcha


HHM: My Devil In Your Eyes is such a good record, it’s kind of complex but so easy to listen to cover to cover. What of the record are you guys most proud of?


Garret: I really like that the record has a lot of diversity. From front to back it’s not your typical, breakdown chorus, breakdown chorus, ya know? Our song writing is not so box stock. Even songs like “Humannequin” off the first record, which is the bands most popular song, that song isn’t really a structured song where it has repeat chorus’ and the other cliché things that your big singles would have. I like that on My Devil we did some really unique things like the “Fill: Avoid” track and some really melodic ambient things. That’s something that will always be prevalent in our band, just trying to keep things emotionally pleasing or emotionally stimulating in  one direction or another. To not be so everything else. That’s such a trend today to pick one of X Y Z producers and go make another album that sounds like 3 more that came out this year.

HHM: So what was it like working with Joey Sturgis? He just seems to be such the go to guy for post hardcore records.


Garret: Yeah, Joey’s the man. He’s awesome. He’s made a sound that’s his sound but then I also feel like a lot of bands maybe rely on him too much to produce their band to MAKE them sound talented. Joey is a mastermind, he’s brilliant at  what he does. You see a lot of these bands that record with Joey live and unfortunately it does not translate well…He’s great though, he’s a really good friend of ours. He created half of this whole genre.


HHM: Who did you guys work with on Know Hope?


Garret: We went to Josh Schroeder.


HHM: Did you feel a little more prepared going into the studio this time?


Garret: Definitely, we had almost 20 songs going in this time to choose from. We spent 2 weeks of pre-pro just coming up with ideas. From there, we narrowed it down to 12 tracks for Know Hope. We’re really happy with it. I feel like it’s our record it’s everything we wanted to do on the record. Josh captured The Color Morale on the record not created The Color Morale on the record. That’s what we needed, we needed something that was a little more Us.


HHM: Is there a learning curve when you change producers and work with someone new?


Garret: Oh Yeah, every producer is a comfort zone. It’s like dating, ya know, every relationship you have, some are great, some suck, either way you’re learning something.


HHM: Know Hope is definitely highly anticipated. The internet is already a buzz with fan tattoos associated with it. How does that make you guys feel?


Garret: It’s incredible, he haven’t released a sound, not a single noise from the record yet and there’s kids that already have a tattoo of the record on them for the rest of their life. It’s pretty awesome and humbling at the same time.


HHM: I imagine you feel a certain amount of pressure living up to the hype and expectations of the fans.


Garret: Oh yeah, there’s always pressure. I hate being the singer of a band. I hate being the face, the frontman. I hate even more that half these kids that come to shows aren’t there for the music that they feel with their heart. It’s the music that they feel with their eyes. Ya know. I hate that I have to be a singer in a band, that’s pressure in its self. I don’t want to be seen sometimes, I just want to write things and someone learn from them.


HHM: Live in the studio


Garret: Yeah totally.


HHM: What is looking like for a round about release date for the record?


Garret: There’s a March release. We’ve gonna release a lyrics video with all the details.


HHM: What’s worse, the anticipation before you enter the studio or once it’s done, mastered and just waiting to be released?


Garret: Both I guess. It’s a stressful situation going into a studio having such high hopes but at the end of the day, it’s a learning experience. It’s a chance to grow as a person, as a musician. There’s been a lot of expectations and kids have been waiting for this record for quite some time. It’s not a question of will they like it cause we know they’ll like it because we know it’s incredible, ha. It’s the fact that we have this great creation that nobody gets to hear yet. Just have to have patience.


HHM: Any news. Updates besides the looming record release that you can share?


Garret: Yeah, we’re doing a huge tour after this one with The Devil Wears Prada and As I Lay Dying. That’ll be a week after this tour ends and then we’ll be out with the Rise Records Tour with Like Moths To Flames. So, a couple big tours back to back to release the record on. We’re already working on Summer details, music videos, there’s a lot going on right now. I’m excited.


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