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By on February 5, 2013


HHM: To start off, I listened to your new single “Culture Shock” and I must say it’s pretty raw and in-your-face. Can you tell me a little about the song? [The meaning, the process, etc.] and how has the fan response been so far?

Pat: This song was a product of (our other guitarist) Marc he came in showed us the song I told him to channel his inner Kerry King on the solo in the beginning and that was about it as for fan response we like to shock our audience into paying attention by ripping this song first in our set kids go nuts so it’s pretty good.

Corey: I think this song is a prefect example of the sound we have been trying to achieve since we started this band. Marc finally came around and started using his full potential as a guitarist. Kids are stoked on this one, at least the ones that love a good two step.


HHM: In all seriousness, I want an explanation for the almost inhuman guitar shredding witnessed in that song; Performance enhancing finger steroids?

Pat:  Unfortunately Marc’s in the Dominican Republic right now so he can’t answer that for himself. We were all blown away when he wrote that solo I’m pretty sure he is clinically insane so he just transcribes that into his playing and out comes solo’s like that one.

Corey: It reminds me of something Bigwig would play haha, another awesome jersey punk band.


HHM: So you guys have a new album coming out February 19th Caught in the Grips. Tell me a little about the record; what can your fans expect musically?

Pat:  With this record I feel like we took all the aspects of our sound from our previous two EP’s and just made them better made the heavier parts heavier, made the faster stuff more intense I feel we really stepped it up as a band and writing wise we finally got in our comfort zone.

Corey: We finally created something that I am super proud of. I love how good the record sounds overall. Tim, Nas, and Dasher at big blue did an amazing job on it I want to thank them again.  As far as the music is concerned, expect to be doing a lot of car moshing until you get out to see us again. 

HHM: How was it working with Tim Giles? And did you guys enjoy the overall recording experience?

Pat: It was awesome plain and simple. He would tell us stories from when he was recording Madball and Agnostic Front there and he really gave us a ton of detail on what he was going for and it also helped that he was so enthusiastic the whole time. Overall it was just a great experience.

Corey: Drank way to much coffee. Shout to Rumbas Café for the stuffed potatoes.


HHM: It’s no secret that your fans are deeply attached to Blizzard; can fans expect a similar sound?

Pat: They can expect a more magnified sound like I said before we took all the aspects of our sound we founded this band on and just made them better. We also re-recorded Stray Dogs and 16 Inches (off the Blizzard EP) for the new record we felt those songs needed to get the proper treatment recording wise.

Corey: Yeah, we took the best of the Blizzard and made it sound 100 times harder. I think our original fans will be into it. Also we got some new tracks like “Rise up” that keep that heavy sound.


HHM: What are some notable musical differences of Caught in the Grips and the Blizzard EP?

Pat: With the Blizzard EP I feel like we were still trying to settle into a sound, kind of put our feelers out there to see what we were comfortable with writing and how to go about working off one another after recording that and D.O.T.D. I think we really focused on the highlights of the first two EPs and evolved it into what’s on Caught In The Grips.

Corey: I recorded all the vocals to the blizzard with Pneumonia so that’s one difference. These new tracks should sound a lot better.


HHM: Do you worry about alienating the “O.G.” fans? And does that effect your musical production or are you guys more focused on an “evolution” rout?

Pat: I feel like when it comes to possibly alienating your fan base you never know until someone tells you that on some internet forum or a comment on a new song or something I’d like to say we are right in the middle of the staying true to our sound and taking the evolution route but it definitely isn’t something we overly worry about.

Corey: Our fans are super important to us. I make sure that everyone that has helped us out gets thanked for it. For example almost every order that ive sent out for online merch sales I send them something extra just for supporting us. I never really told the rest of the band haha but I keep to the budget. I think people that love us will stay with us till the end and if you don’t wanna support what we are doing, get the fuck out the way.


HHM: Hardcore is one of those genres where loyalty to the sounds trumps all. Do you try and focus on staying loyal to the Hardcore sound or do you just flat out not give a fuck and make the music you want?

Pat:  I think we do a good job of paying homage to the bands that paved the way for hardcore but there is still something in the songs that makes it our own. We write music that we want to write we like fast as fuck punk fueled hardcore and that is going to be what you’re going to get.

Corey: I write hardcore sounds for the American working man, cause that’s who I am and that’s who I care about hahah, Tommy boy? Anybody?


HHM: So tell me about “Fast Money?” Are you excited to share it with the fans and are you happy with the way it turned out?

Pat: We are definitely excited to release “Fast Money”. It’s one of my favorite songs because I really like the groovy rock and roll feel it has plus it’s easy to bang your head to and jump around so it’s a ton of fun to play live.

Corey: Its weird when you create an actual structured song when none of us know anything about writing music really haha. Stoked on how it all came together. 


HHM: What extra musical spice does Ninety Six add to the Hardcore genre?                

Pat: I definitely don’t feel that we are trying to reinvent the wheel in any way but other than hardcore we all like a lot of different types of music and we’re just looking for the best way to project all our favorite parts of heavy/intense music into our sound.

Corey: Cilantro


HHM: What can we expect from Ninety Six in 2013?

Pat: A lot of touring we are definitely trying to give this record the support it needs to get into as many hands as possible.

Corey: Tour for sure.


HHM: Is there anything else you wish to say to your fans and our readers?

Pat: Hope you guys dig the new tracks. We look forward to meeting some new friends this year.

Corey: Keep your head up or you’ll get Caught in the grips….


HHM: Thank you for your time guys and best of luck with the release!

Pat: Thanks dude!

Corey: Thanks for the support

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