Interview with Stars In Stereo front woman Bec Hollcraft

By on December 14, 2013

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Andi sat down with Bec Hollcraft of Stars In Stereo on the bus after their set at Pierce’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Stars In Stereo is on tour with Halestorm and Redlight King.


HHM: Have you felt that it has been harder for you as a woman in this genre? That there are not as many women or that the fan base is primarily male?

Bec: It’s interesting because everyone that has influenced me are females from the 80s. A lot of great bands that out there right now that are female-fronted. I’m definitely in good company. I’ve never felt threatened by men or this industry in any regard. If there’s negativity, I’m not paying attention to it. Especially being out here with Lzzy (Hale, of Halestorm). She’s so nice and so inspiring. It’s a blast, I feel like it’s empowering to be around other female fronted bands.

HHM: You guys have been on the road for the past year or so. How has being on the road changed the band? Are you gelling together as a unit?

Bec: (It’s been) a couple years. Being on the road, I feel like we get better with every show. Every new audience gives us a new experience and we’ve learned a lot. Especially being able to tour with so many awesome different bands, that taught us a lot too. I definitely just see us getting better and better. It’s a blast.

HHM: How has social media/marketing played a role in this band?

Bec: I think it’s huge having an online presence; we’ve always pushed for that. We always like to keep in touch with our fans online. We’re posting pictures every day. It’s really important for us to have that communication with our fans online. I mean, that’s how you reach more people, obviously touring, touring, touring is part of that too so you can see us but online is a great way to reach people.


photo credit: Jason Maguire 

HHM: I know you got your start with Meredith Brooks. Who is your biggest influence musically?

Bec: Gosh, there are so many people. Definitely Heart is a huge influence on me, Cyndi Lauper even, she just had so much fun on stage. I just love that. For me, on stage, it’s all about having a positive energy and just having a blast and she was always really great at that. Steven Tyler, there’s so many. Even Blue October touring with them, they influenced me a lot growing up.

HHM: I like that you reference the 80s.

Bec: I wish I was around during the 80s.

HHM: How is life on the road with 3-4 guys on the bus?

Bec: It’s a blast. I grew up with 3 brothers. And they are my brothers. We all take care of each other. It’s all about finding a routine. Figuring out what you need and don’t need. It’s been over a year now that we’ve been doing this. We definitely have a good flow going on. Every day is different, but you know, you roll with the punches. It’s great.

HHM: What would you tell aspiring singers?

Bec: I would definitely say for a singer it’s important to use your instrument every day. Be doing open mics, be doing talent shows, be doing musical theater. Whatever it is that gets you on stage and in front of people. I did an open mic every single day of the week when I was first starting out. I did every talent show, I was in musical theater, I was in choir. Anything to use your instrument which is your voice. It’s really important especially to be in front of other people because you learn a lot about yourself when you perform in front of other people.

HHM: When does the tour end?

Bec: We don’t get back until just before Christmas. We have about six more shows with Halestorm. Not nearly enough. Last show is at House of Blues Chicago on December 15th. (House of Stairs, says Frogs). Awesome venue.

We are playing a couple headlining shows on the way home.

HHM: Will this be your first time headlining?

Bec: Pretty much. It’ll be our first experience headlining. We’ll be able to play an hour and a half set.

HHM: Who is opening for you?

Bec: I’m not sure. Local bands, I think.

HHM: What are one of the biggest subjects that you draw from in songwriting?

Bec: For me it’s all very emotion based. Usually I’m just trying to convey an emotion, something either I’ve been through or other people have been through. We write these songs together. For me, whatever I’m writing about its something that is very true to all of our experiences and something that is usually pretty painful. If it doesn’t hurt to talk about it, I probably don’t want to talk about it.


Interview by Andi Williams


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