Interview with Jamie Madrox and Monoxide of Twiztid

By on June 13, 2014
Photo by Jason Shaltz

Photo by Jason Shaltz

Friday the 13th Special for HellhoundMusic readers:

AndiHHM talked with Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox and Monoxide to find out what the rest of 2014 looks like for the horrorcore/rap duo. Detroit’s painted rappers dish about their plans and their fans. Check out their website for new music and their newest video release, “Sick Man”.


Jamie: What’s up Andi?

AndiHHM: Not much, How are y’all doing?

Monoxide: Doing good, how bout you?

AndiHHM: I’m great. I’m really thankful that you gave me the opportunity to interview you. I’ve read so much about you guys in the last week.

Monoxide: It’s awesome that there’s any literature out there about us.

Jamie: It’s awesome that you took the time to read. (Laughs)

AndiHHM: I did. I’m pretty impressed. I’m excited to hear that you have a new label and a new stable of artists. It’s all new, exciting.

Monoxide: That was all a lie. (laughs).

Jamie: In regards to the label thing, we’re not at liberty to say the label name at this point because we are working out stuff, legal stuff. We’re not being rude, just keeping it real with ya.

Yes, we are starting a new label. Yes, we have a roster of awesomeness. It’s a new day. We’ve seen it done, now we’re going to do it.

Monoxide: We’re trying to line up the next 25 years of music for you folks.

AndiHHM: Is it going to be the same genre of music that you do? Or other kinds of genres?

Monoxide: Right now the only thing that prevails on our label is talent.

Jamie: That’s a good answer but the other side of the spectrum to his answer is that: Right now it’s stuff kind of like what we do, but right now, we have… no talent.

Monoxide: What? You just said we have no talent?!

Jamie: Strike that. No, we have talent! But what I’m saying is we won’t discrimi-hate on a R & B singer if he or she or they are talented. Just because we don’t do that particular genre of music, we will not shun them away if we think that we can do something with them.

AndiHHM: What have your fans been saying about For the Fam Vol. 2?

Jamie: Great response. People are just like, “Holy shit!” They couldn’t believe it was free.

Monoxide:  Everybody thought it was going to be a couple of remixes. Nobody expected it to be like an hour long with all kinds of shit.

Jamie: Absolutely.

AndiHHM: It was really long. I was surprised myself. I didn’t realize how long it was going to be, but it was pretty good.

Jamie: That’s exactly what she said! (All laugh)

Monoxide: But they like it.

AndiHHM: Well good.

Jamie: I’ve heard nothing but good responses. It was different in the respect that it’s not what they’re used to. They’re not used to us over other people’s beats in the true-to-form mixxtape fashion.

Like that’s what people do: they’ll take Monoxide’s lyrics and spin it to the hottest beat or vice versa. Or take one of our beats and have somebody with Busta Rhymes rapping on it. That’s what a mixxtape is all about from what I understand. And we did it like that. People were just like, “What, what, what? What did you do on this disc?”

Monoxide: Right. Then it sinks in that’s exactly what it was.

Jamie: Now they’re just like, “Oh man, this was the bomb! I hope you do more of these!” We’re like, I don’t know. Maybe for Christmas.

Monoxide: Somehow, 20 years in the game, we still find a way to do something different.

Jamie: For sure. Absolutely.

Monoxide: Which I think is great.

Jamie: So do they. I totally agree. The coolest part about it is they really appreciate when we do things like that and that’s cool. The fact that we have fun when we it, makes it all the more worth it.

AndiHHM: On the fan forums people seem to really appreciate you putting it out there like that.

Jamie: And it’s not even just that. It’s like all the shit that we do even the little things, they really appreciate it. That’s why we continue to do a lot of the extra shit that we do that other bands don’t do.

Monoxide: The one song, the single, ‘In The Woods’ for the VIPs, we just gave away. Could be possibly one of the scariest songs we’ve ever done.

Jamie: We gave it away.

Monoxide: Right. Like there it is.

Jamie: Right, It’s fucking terrifying is what it is.

Monoxide: Keeps people interested.

Jamie: It really does.

AndiHHM: It does.

Monoxide: We can’t give back to a neighborhood or anything like that cause we usually get chased out of them. What we can do is try to give back as much as we can to the people who made us exactly what we are.

Jamie: Absolutely. We try to do that.

AndiHHM: What do you do when you’re off road?

Monoxide: When I’m at home it’s still work. I used to play sports. Baseball, basketball, football, all the fun sports.

Jamie: But he’s good at them though. I’m like his cheerleader.

Monoxide: Collecting, that’s stuff we’re doing, we collect. Can’t go out on the court and sprain my ankle, then I can’t do the show. We got responsibilities.

Jamie has an immense toy collection. Toy collectors would see his collection and say, god damn, that’s dope. I, have a mass collection of 70s porno.

Jamie: He has a porn time capsule.

Monoxide: They need to know there was hair.

Jamie: Hair, flesh, and moistness as far as the eye can see.

Monoxide: One word, tangled.

AndiHHM: Not just a Disney movie, huh?

Monoxide: We like all kinds of stuff, though none of it is actually extracurricularly, physically moving.

AndiHHM: Well, Jamie is always posting (on Twitter) about his workouts. Like his workout music. Or is he just going to the gym and listening to music?

Jamie: I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I’d seen a video of myself and I’m looking at myself in the video, and I’m like, “Jamie, you’re big here!” So I just got back into it. If I don’t tweet it or text it, I’ll forget to do it. I feel like it’s my checklist.

I don’t have the metabolism of Monoxide. Monoxide, I’m jealous of his metabolism.  He can eat like three chalupas, drink four 40s, and smoke a pound of weed. And won’t gain a fucking ounce!

I eat half a chalupa and I’m like…. Yeah, I gotta watch what I do cause you know.

AndiHHM: Who have you not met that would be your ultimate fanboy moment that y’all would just geek out about?

Monoxide: 100 percent, Dave Chappelle.

Jamie: That’d be a good one. I can’t front, I would too.

Monoxide: But, if he was an asshole, then I’d just be like whatever dude.

Jamie: That’s the biggest part of it. Meeting someone that you’re a fan of and they’re a douchebag. That ruins it for you cause you have so much love and time invested in that person.

Monoxide: I’d never watch Half-Baked again.

Jamie: For real. I’m different. I’d just be like, hopefully I met them on a bad day. I’d try to make excuses for them cause I love ‘em.

Monoxide: I’ve got another one, Jack Taylor. That’s my favorite show in the world right now.

Jamie: Gene Simmons. If I met Gene Simmons and he was cool, that would mean the world to me. I kind of feel that he comes off to me as a very, very…cool?

Monoxide: Arrogant?

Jamie: He’s so cool that he knows he’s cool and that can be perceived as arrogance. He’s like, “I’ve been doing this shit since you were a seed in your mom and dad’s underwear.” Just to be, “What’s up brother?” that would be so cool. I’d be like, (whispers), “I’m with Gene Simmons!” There’s no question about it, that’d be an honor.

Jamie: We’ve met Cheech and Chong. We fanboyed out on Cheech and Chong! That was the fucking bomb!

Monoxide: You know who else was really cool that people are trying to hate on was Charlie Sheen.

Jamie: We’ve been blessed to meet a lot of people.

AndiHHM: Knowing that The Demented Duo had tried their hand at professional wrestling, I was curious to know: Who are your favorite wrestlers?

Monoxide: My favorite wrestlers, me and Jamie! We were in the ring, baby! We retired, but I’m saying us.

Jamie: In my top five, my number one is Ultimate Warrior. My number two is Macho Man Randy Savage. Everybody likes to say Hogan. He’s in my top five.

Monoxide: He’s America’s choice.

AndiHHm: I have a friend, Rockstar DJ Tre, he wanted to give you a shout-out. You attended the after-party he DJ’d at Days of the Dead Atlanta. Will you be attending any Days of the Dead anytime soon?

Jamie: I don’t know. We don’t rule out anything if our schedule allows and we ain’t got nothing going on. It’s always fun to do it. It just ends up being a bigger production on our end. Most people just come and they’ve got their little fanny pack and make money and their folding table.

Anything we do, we go above and beyond. So it requires five guys to set up this tomb/mausoleum we got. We’ve got air conditioning in it. It’s a big deal. When we are able to do it, it’s a treat.

AndiHHM: What are you going to be doing before and after the Gathering of the Juggalos on July 24th?

Monoxide: Before, everyday is something. I don’t know if you are familiar with iCloud, but the iCloud in our minds right now is fucking fantastic! It’s amazing, there’s so much to do. I could tell you a hundred things we are going to be doing before and after the Gathering.

AndiHHM: Are you going to be doing any touring dates before or after the Gathering?

Both: After.

Monoxide: Right now, I personally would like to release a Twiztid record before the end of the year. Not THE record, but something. So we’re gonna try that. We’re going to get a couple of Blaze records out this year. There’s the “Sick Man” video getting ready to be released. The video came out smashing! It’s like a mini-movie. That thing’s seven minutes long!

Jamie: It’s different for us because it’s one of the first videos we’ve never performed in.

Monoxide: There’s no performance and we’re not painted.

AndiHHM: Wow!

Jamie: How alternative is that for us?

AndiHHM: Yeah, that’s like a 180.

Both: Right.

Jamie: So that’s something to look forward to.

Monoxide: There’s the launch of the new record label. There’s the movie we’re trying to do. There’s so much, it’s just insane.

AndiHHM: What’s your favorite social media platform? I’ve seen you’re on Twitter a lot.

Monoxide: I like (laughs)

Jamie: I think Twitter’s cool. I like Twitter. I’m not a fan of Facebook. You know why I’m don’t like Facebook?

AndiHHM: Why?

Jamie:  Because you have to have a Facebook (account) to look at other people’s (Facebook) and I don’t like that. I think that’s weird. You have to conform. With Twitter and Instagram you can just look at stuff. I like Instagram too cause I don’t like a lot of words. (Laughs)

Monoxide: I’d have to say Twitter.

AndiHHM: Do you have any film projects coming up?

Jamie: We are working on a movie right now. We have two scripts which are in what I like to call the development stage. We have two really good solid ideas and we have the outlines of the scripts. We are working on that. We were approached by a few people in this last year or so about doing some projects. It didn’t pan out with the other shit we were doing.

Monoxide: We started a movie production company called Better that Books. We started a Christmas movie; we’re shifted our gears to a horror movie. We can get that done this year.

Jamie: What we’ve also learned is that: it’s not always about what we want to do but about what we should do or what we can do. I’m seeing people now that have so much money they just do what they want to do. Me and Monoxide want to do other projects but we’re gonna do our portion first, what we know to do well.

AndiHHM: What is the coolest thing a fan has ever sent you? Sometimes fans like to send their favorite artist something special or homemade.

Monoxide: The best we ever got was support.

Jamie: Hell yeah.

Monoxide: Without a doubt in my mind the best thing they could ever do for us, they’re doing.

Jamie: See, I should’ve thought of that. He’s right, goddamnit! That should be first over anything. I’ll leave it at that. Matter of fact, that is the correct answer. Ding, ding, ding. You win Sir!

AndiHHM: It’s been great talking to you. Thanks for your time guys. Best of luck to you.

Jamie Madrox and Monoxide

Jamie Madrox and Monoxide @tweetsmesohard


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