Introducing Break Anchor: Ex-Suicide Machines Frontman Begins New Pop-Punk Venture; Song Streaming on AOL Spinner

By on February 11, 2012

Paper + Plastick Records is excited to announce today the label’s newest partnership, with Detroit pop-punk band Break Anchor. Featuring ex-Suicide Machines and Hellmouth vocalist/frontman Jay Navarro, Break Anchor is a fresh take on Midwestern pop-punk.

Now streaming on AOL Spinner is the band’s first released song, “A Failure of Epic Proportions.” The song will be featured on Break Anchor’s first release, a three-track, 7” vinyl EP called Blackhearts and Blackouts. Full tracklisting can be seen below.

Listen Now: Break Anchor – “A Failure of Epic Proportions”

Blackhearts and Blackouts will be released through Paper + Plastick Records on March 20. Backing Navarro in Break Anchor is bassist Cris Golan (The Story So Far, King For A Day), guitarist Kyle Green (Seized Up) and drummer Dan Stover (Seized Up). Navarro, no stranger to Paper + Plastick owner and Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello, it makes sense that Break Anchor’s first release would be with the label.

“I’ve known Jay for years, from Less Than Jake’s tours with Suicide Machines to putting out Hellmouth’s record on Paper + Plastick,” Fiorello says. “He gave me the chance to listen to Break Anchor and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s all the things I like about punk rock.”

Navarro has his side of the story to tell as well. “People don’t really know the whole story of the end of the Suicide Machines…in short, I had decided to either to call it quits or just play shows once and awhile. I wanted to get a job and raise my children,” Navarro says.

“Things just ended up badly between Dan and myself. Six years have passed since then. A job with medical insurance and a 401k, not a ton of money but steady scraping by. The American Dream, right? It’s a brutal job working in a 10 below freezer, lifting heavy ass cases 60 hours a week. I come home tired and sore as fuck like most blue collar people. My high school education doesn’t qualify me for much. But then again I work with plenty of guys with college degrees and amazing credentials who can’t score a job. Now they can’t pay back their student loans and many of my friends and their families have lost their homes to banks. Some are just squatting till the police kick them and their children out. Michigan is at its worst. Like many, i’m so tired when I come home from work I want nothing to do with my wife or kids. Which was the whole reason I quit touring in the first place. I’m so sore I can’t sleep, so I drink and pop pills. I wake up in pain. I’ve watched, as i’m sure many of you have, the corporations rule and control the world…our system has completely failed us. I feel I have failed my kids, my wife, and myself. I have failed all those who have believed in me. American Dream? This isn’t living. So one drunken, frustrating night I wrote this song. It’s not a song about feeling sorry for myself or anyone, and it’s not an apology. It’s just me saying, ‘You know what world?….with my last dying breath, I will spit Hell at thee.'”

Break Anchor – Blackhearts and Blackouts
Paper + Plastick Records
Available March 20, 2012

More about Break Anchor:
When Jay Navarro, the vocalist/frontman of the Suicide Machines and Hellmouth, finally hit bottom and came out of a haze of booze, pills, anger and depression, he had a fresh outlook. He wrote a song so full of melody and so full of angst, he felt he had found himself again. “A Failure Of Epic Proportions” is a song about the Midwest American experience of growing into adulthood.

Thinking nobody would want to hear a song like this from him, or maybe anyone for that matter, he turned to longtime friend Cris Golan (The Story So Far and King For A Day) to play bass.

“I didn’t think anybody else in Detroit would get what I was trying to go for but Cris,” Navarro said. “I was aiming for early East Bay pop-punk like Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy, and yes…Green Day, and then mix in some Smashing Pumpkins.” Through a mutual friend, they hooked up with Kyle Green (Seized Up). Kyle brought a new perspective that would round out the trio of Break Anchor’s writing style. Late night jam sessions in the garage ensued, fueled by beer and always ending in a drunken listening party of old and new punk favorites.

With Jason and Kyle singing and handling guitar duties together, it became a wrestling match of dual vocals comparable to punk steadymen Hot Water Music and other such bands. Dan Stover (Seized Up) signed on to play drums and this Motor City rust belt machine was complete. Creating a fresh sound, unlike most Midwest offerings, Break Anchor will make you want to crack open a PBR or stare deep into the eyes of a bottle of whiskey, grab your best friend and sing along at the top of your lungs, “I’M FAILING!!”


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