ITS OUT TODAY! Rags & Ribbons video for “Moving On” and it’s also sending a message! ECOROOFS

By on September 22, 2012

ITS OUT TODAY! Rags & Ribbons video for “Moving On” and it’s also sending a message! ECOROOFS!

Video credits:
“Amy Chomowicz
Directed/Produced/Edited by Perception Northwest:
Location provided by Gunderson Inc.”

Rags & Ribbons had the opportunity to team up with Amy Chomowicz, Perception Northwest, and the good people at Gunderson Inc. to produce a music video in Portland, Oregon featuring ecoroofs.  Gunderson is a leading supplier of railroad transportation equipment.  Basically, they make awesome railroad cars that shipping containers are carried on.  Perception Northwest is a Portland film production company led by Brynden McNew.  Amy Chomowicz is one of the leading experts on ecoroofs in the Northwest. 
Together, we worked to develop the story behind the music video for “Moving On”.  The main goal was to create a compelling story and incorporate ecoroofs into the project in order to help bring awareness to their positive impact on the environment.  “We are all living in Portland, being ‘green’ is sort of in the blood of our culture here” (Ben, Rags + Ribbons).  Brynden and Amy really lead the development of the story line and vision.  Gunderson recently installed an ecoroof on their work facility.  The industrial back drop of the Gunderson facility was a great place to contrast the presence of the ecoroof at the end of the video. 
What was so unique was the fact that we had full access to Gunderson’s 70 acre industrial facility.  We were able to use some pretty incredible industrial equipment to capture some really cool shots” (Ben, Rags + Ribbons).
At one point in the filming, Jon, Ben, and I put on make up and heavy duty leather welding clothes to fit in with the workers at Gunderson.  However, I think we got more laughs than anything from the workers because it was pretty clear that we were more the delicate musicians than part of the usual badass work crew” (Chris, Rags + Ribbons).
We had so much freedom to create and explore different shots on the Gunderson Facility and the employees at the factory were very supportive and great to work with” (Jon, Rags + Ribbons).


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