Jacco Gardner full LP stream on Pitchfork Advance, “Cabinet of Curiosities” out next week via Trouble in Mind

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24-year old Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner’s new LP, Cabinet of Curiosities, is featured on Pitchfork’s Advance today.  Check out the full LP – out via Trouble in Mind on February 12 – here!


Pitchfork also premiered “The Ballad of Little Jane,” the first track from Cabinet of Curiosities and praised, “like Nilsson and Davies before him, Gardner uses harpsichord, flutes, and organ to invoke a ‘simpler times’ bygone era.” 


Playing guitar, bass, drums, harpsichord, percussion and keyboards on the recordings, Gardner creates an entire cascading psychedelic world and will be bringing that world to the States in March.


Jacco Gardner US Tour Dates

March 1 – Wesleyan University – Middletown, CT
March 2 – Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY
March 3 – Middle East – Boston, MA
March 5 – 9th and Beats – Washington, DC
March 6 – Golden West – Baltimore, MD
March 7 – The Pinhook – Durham, NC
March 8 – Savannah Stopover Festival – Savannah, GA
March 9 – Green Room – Athens, GA
March 10 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
March 12 – March 17 – SXSW
March 18 – The Bishop – Bloomington, IN
March 19 – Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
March 20 – Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, OH
March 21 – Garden Bowl – Detroit, MI
March 22 – Happy Dog – Cleveland, OH
March 23 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY


Earlier this year Trouble in Mind released the “Where Will You Go” 7″ – step through Gardner’s looking glass in the “Where Will You Go” video.


Praise for Jacco Gardner

Jacco Garnder might just be the secret source of all that’s great in UK psych at the minute.  Temples and The Horrors have both fallen under the 24-year old Dutchman’s spell, and after two unbelievably limited single releases this year, the Trouble in Mind label (also sometime home to Ty Segall) has just announced the release of his debut album Cabinet of Curiosities next February.  Gardner’s early songs, such as “Where Will You Go” and “Clear The Air” were both impressively realistic takes on Syd-era Pink Floyd – and if he’s managed to repeat the same trick through Curiosities then our lot might just wanna think about upping their game a bit.



 While not writing songs as half of the freakbeat duo The Skywalkers, Jacco Gardner crafts some of the most finest baroque pop created since the late 60’s…The psychedelic imagery used in the video is a visual interpretation of Gardner’s sound. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Zombies and the hugely overlooked Billy Nicholls, Gardner has made a perfect piece of sunshine pop that should be added to everyone’s summer playlist.

Get Bent


With it’s rolling bassline, harpsichords and mellotrons, you’re swept back in time to The Zombies, Billy Nichols and Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd.

Brooklyn Vegan


Produced by Gardner who plays everything but drums, there are traces of mod, but it’s mainly the whimsical sounds of the late sixties U.K psych scene that are evoked here. It may have been recorded and released this year, but it doesn’t sound a day over 1967.

The Active Listener


The boroque chamber pop tune “The Ballad of Little Jane”…could easily have the alternate title, “Being for the Benefit of The Zombies!”

Consequence of Sound

Mixing rolling drums, smooth harmonies and twisted harpsichords, the Dutchman’s heady set slides from Beach-Boy-esque crests, via imaginary spy themes, to harmony-infused, chamber pop that recalls The Zombies. Psychedelic but not far gone, Jacco and his band have the air of a pastoral Tame Impala. Very compelling.



It’s like a way-back-machine – I mean this doesn’t sound strained retro – it sounds like a lost and found single straight from 1968.

Dying For Bad Music


Recorded, engineered, and produced by himself in his Shadow Shoppe Studio in his hometown of Zwaag, the songs are lushly orchestrated, excruciatingly detailed, grand and dramatic works of pop music. Purely analog creations—there’s no computer wizardry, looping, or samples here—Gardner’s songs nod to the baroque psychedelia of the past, particularly 1960s pioneers like Syd Barrett.

Everybody Taste


Great baroque pop/psych treasure.

One Chord


More on Jacco Gardner

Allow us to introduce the US debut of 24-year old Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner – prepare to have your minds blown.  Earlier this year Jacco Gardner released a double dose of hits for Trouble in Mind on the “Where Will You Go” 7″. “Where Will You Go”‘s opening guitar strums fade into view before lurching into a dreamy baroque-pop groover, with lush melodies cascading over a driving drum beat, conjuring images of Syd jamming with Revolver-era Beatles.  “Summer’s Game” chimes in with Jacco crooning like a young Colin Blunstone over a lilting harpsichord that unfolds into a heavenly psychedelic pop gem – shimmering right there on your turntable.  Mining the past can be tricky business, but on Cabinet of Curiosities Gardner maneuvers his way around the trapping by not simply aping his influences, but by creating a unique and stirring new voice in modern psychedelic pop music.


RIYL: The Zombies, Left Banke, Paperhead, Billy Nicholls, Black Angels

More from Trouble in Mind  

Started in Chicago in 2009 as a way to release 7″s with perfect pop songs, Trouble in Mind expanded their catalog of releases in 2012 with LPs from Estrogen Highs, Hollows, Apache Dropout, MMOSS and Woollen Kits, an EP from the Resonars and 7″s from The Paperhead, The Wrong Words, Woollen Kits, Jacco Gardner and Fuzz


Check out this playlist with a track from each release.

Trouble In Mind 2012 Sampler. 


In 2013, Trouble in Mind’s exciting release schedule continues with new music from Jacco Gardner, Maston, Jeffrey Novak, the Paperhead and the Resonars and and the return of the SXSW/Record Store Day 4-way covers split 7″.


Trouble in Mind has releases in excellent record stores near you from Jeffrey Novak (Cheap Time), Alex Cuervo, The Limiñanas, Vermillion Sands, Wounded Lion, Personal & the Pizzas, The Wrong Words, Tropical Sleep, Sticks N Stones, Night Beats, The Hex Dispensers, The Mean Jeans, The Limiñanas, Hollows, Ty Segall, Tyler Jon Tyler, Wheels on Fire, Sonic Chicken 4, Charlie & the Moonhearts, The Fresh & Onlys and The White Wires delivering on their mission to put “the emphasis back on the music and prove that the 2 1/2 minute pop song is alive and well.”


Trouble In Mind interviews with The Onion A.V. Club, Fracture Compound and Neu Magazine.


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