Jesse Cannon/Musformation releases book; Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The Music Business

By on April 24, 2013

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Jesse Cannon who managed and produced Man Overboard and Transit at the start of their careers and has made a living for over a decade recording groups like Animal Collective, The Misfits, The Cure, The Menzingers, Limp Bizkit and Saves The Day. Adapted from the popular music business blog, Musformation, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The Music Business, gives a complete 700+ page answer to a question musicians ask us everyday, “What should I be doing to build a fanbase?” While many books have given insight to this answer, none has given as extensive an answer to the techniques, resources and methods to build a fanbase starting from day one of a band’s musical journey. With no stone left unturned, the book goes step-by-step through every bit of the process of building a fanbase as told by writers who have done just that. The book answers questions like:


How Do I Promote My Music On A Small Budget? How Do I Use Free Music To Help Me Get More Fans?
How Do I Get My YouTube Videos To Go Viral?
How Do I Sell More Merch And Music?
How Do I Get Blogs To Cover Me?
How Do I Play Packed Shows? How Can I Best Use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & SoundCloud?

How Do I Get More Fans?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, this book is for you.
With every day that passes, the power that major labels once held over the music industry dies a little more. Gone are the days when bands needed to waste their time writing letters to A&R departments or booking agents, hoping to get signed to a big record deal. These days, a musician can become famous—and make a living—with little more than a few great songs and a popular YouTube video. This book takes you through today’s tools and how musicians can best use them to build a fanbase and a career—all while investing less than 1 percent of the resources the major labels have.
Other books may tell you things you already know, come saturated with legal mumbo-jumbo, or be filled with marketing catchphrases—none of which will help you get more fans. We have experience working with real bands– from managing upstarts like Man Overboard and Transit to being in the studio with legends like The Cure, The Misfits and Animal Collective. We show you the insider tricks and ideas that go into navigating the music business today. We produce records, negotiate licensing deals, draft record contracts and get the musicians we work with coverage from websites like Pitchfork and Vice. We have helped young, raw musicians build up to something bigger.

Many musicians don’t understand what they should be doing on a daily basis to build a fanbase, but after reading this book the answers are clear. Whether you just want to get heard by more people or be the biggest band in the world, this book contains the ideas, tools and insight that can help you get there. Unlike any other book written on the subject, we have compiled the knowledge no one else has printed. We give you thousands of ideas on how to get people to hear your music and turn them into fans who pay to support your music. Whether you are a label owner, musician, manager, booking agent or publicist, the information in this book will help you do what you do better. 

Jesse Cannon
Author – Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business 

Producer/Engineer – Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios
Editor – Musformation 


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