John 5 and the Creatures @ Shaka’s Live on February 7th

By on February 9, 2018

Photographed and reviewed by Robert Escue

John 5 and the Creatures @ Shaka’s Live on February 7th. A Wednesday night did not deter music fans from coming out to see John 5 and the Creatures with support from Find Me Alive and Sinister X. Virginia Beach rockers Find Me Alive kicked the night off with a set of songs from their April 2017 self-titled EP. I thought their music was a little on the soft side considering who was playing after them, but several people in the crowd enjoyed them.

Playing their fourth show in direct support of John 5 and the
Creatures, Sinister X brought the intensity level up with an energetic set
of songs from their EP ‘The Requiem’ scheduled for a February 9th release.
Sinister X is a Virginia Beach based metal bands that put together a number
of long time Hampton Roads area musicians to form a unique band in both
appearance and sound. Vocalist Jeff Gares told the crowd that despite the
actual release date for the EP is Friday, in honor of them playing for John
5 and the Creatures, they could get the EP at the show.

Seeing John 5 and the Creatures live is not just about listening to their
music, it is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the ears with four
inflatables and multiple monitors showing snippets of everything from Russ
Meyer movies to A Clockwork Orange to Godzilla and The Creature from the
Black Lagoon. If that wasn’t enough, John comes out in face paint and
wearing a costume as well as having several guitars that either have lights
installed in them or the Telecaster Lava, which is liquid filled. The band
played a set of songs from the title track of ‘Season of the Witch’ and
“This Is My Rifle” from ‘Careful With That Axe’. John did not forget his
fans who like his country playing, his set included “Hell Haw I.G.R”,
“Behind the Nut Love” and a cover of Jerry Reed’s “Jiffy Jam”. The crowd had
picked up in size and a number of women came to the front and danced to the

For the guitar players in the audience, John showed his skills in
conventional and finger picking, chicken picking, slide guitar, playing
above the nut and use of kill switches in several of his Telecasters to
achieve the sound he likes for his music. The people who chose to venture
out on a Wednesday night to Shaka’s Live got to see a unique display of
guitar playing by one of the best.

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