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“Johnny Hickman’s second solo album, Tilting, flows without pretense. The Americana stuff is there with the Western blowing wind of “Measure of a Man” and “Resurrection Train,” but the highlights are the way the hooks roll off the line.” – RELIX
“A solid second solo trip from longtime Cracker man. Hickman is a fine if unheralded singer/songwriter, with a mile-wide working class streak. Tilting is a thoughtful roots/rock blend of the poetic and the philosophical, the funny and the forthright. ” – UNCUT
“A thoughtful songwriter and terrific guitar player who just tells it like it is, word by word, note by note.” – TELLURIDE INSIDE & OUT
“From politics to dreams and broken relationships, Hickman has dug into nearly every corner of life and then wove those themes into an Americana-soul-Beatles-pop instrumentation on his latest solo album Tilting.” – REPORTER-HERALD
“On Tilting Johnny Hickman once again steps into the spotlight and delivers an album that highlights his reputation as a bad ass guitar player and a damn fine songwriter. He meanders in and out of multiple genres and then pulls it all together so none of the songs sound out of place. While some lead guitar players can work wonders within a collaborative environment few have been able to step out on their own and produce good music, Hickman is one of those few.” – ATLANTA EXAMINER
“An album you’ll want to check out.” – KEXP / SEATTLE
“Veteran guitar slinger Johnny Hickman lets his songwriting speak volumes on his second solo set, Tilting. There’s no doubt Hickman, the co-founder of alt-rock heroes Cracker, executes some impressive riffs here, but each and every part comes in service of the whole set, one that is marked by mature, tuneful songs. Hard-driving heartland rock, barroom jazz, Beatle-esque pop and bluesy overtones are all threaded into a folk-rock texture that is subdued enough to let Hickman’s appealing, gently weathered vocals and thoughtful lyrics, peppered with a sort of lived-in wit and wisdom, ring through.” – COLUMBIA DAILY TRIBUNE
“With his varied background, Hickman, takes on power pop, rock, dusty Americana and pretty melodies on his second solo album, Tilting. Standouts include ‘Dream Along With Me,’ a big piano-driven power ballad, the early Beatles-esque ‘Destiny Misspent,’ the power pop of ‘Sick Cynthia Thing’ and the catchy rocker ‘Another Road.’” – THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE
Tilting plays like Hickman’s eclectic history. It’s a melting pot of folky roots rock with moments of country twang and new wave punch, plus a few other surprises. Johnny Hickman is confident in his choices and Tilting is anything but a single niche album.” – JESTER JAY MUSIC
Tilting is Johnny Hickman’s second solo sojourn, a trip that sees the veteran songsmith/guitarist/singer weaving in and out of a wide variety of styles without ever forgetting where his roots lie. If you find yourself thinking that this disc harkens back to the genre jumping employed so successfully by the mid-period Beatles, you’re not mistaken. Mind you, there’s more than enough Cracker soul to keep his core constituency smiling (such as the album’s excellent opening track, “Measure of a Man”), but there’s also a smoky, sophisticated trip to French bistro music on the ‘keep the home fires burning’ “Papa Johnny’s Arms,” which features a beautiful jazzy chord progression, a lovely Django-esque guitar solo, and some clever and warm wordplay. Tilting is a damned fine record. There are many other great songs and moments on this platter that I haven’t mentioned, but I will allow you to discover them for yourselves. Hickman has set the bar high and hurdled above and beyond it.” – ROCK GUITAR DAILY
“‘Tilting’ certainly has some Cracker overtones to it — Hickman’s brand on that band is too hard to escape. But much of this album shows Hickman stretching his musical boundaries by exploring Dust Bowl-era jazz (“Papa Johnny’s Arms”) and more modern rock flavors (“Takin’ Me Back” and “Another Road”).” – MARQUEE MAGAZINE
“This album really shows what Hickman is capable of – a consummate musician with a touch of class.” – ELECTRIC GHOST / UK


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