Junior Doctor: Clumsy Words and Bad Pickup Lines review

By on May 30, 2012

The sour jelly beans I’m currently eating are almost as sugary sweet and addictive as Clumsy Words and Bad Pick Up Lines. This is pop-rock for those who enjoy the catchier, poppier side with less power chords. When Hartman sings “I’ve never been good with words, well at least not the sweet kind,” in the first single “Uh Oh” he’s got to be lying through his teeth, because that’s all this album is – sweet.
Junior Doctor is polished to a singable sheen. Everything from the piano intro of the slower “Keep On” to the energetic bounce of the opener “Impressive” is in order – not a single note out of place. That’s not to say the album is too glossed over though. With “Alright” they prove that they can write rollicking rock type tracks as well. This is definitely one of the strongest tracks, though “Beautiful and Blind” keeps the guitars going and mixes them with lush effects. 
As with any genre that gets the life milked out of it, there are bound to be some weaker songs. “Dancing In Your Dreams” brings out enough ill-placed “na-na-nas” to drive a person mad. This track feels like nothing but filler. Then there’s “Back Home”. I could have sworn I’d heard this song before, but really, it’s just a mix of old Simple Plan and Mercy Mercedes. Everything from the lyrics to the melody is played out and tired.
I’ll chalk it up to these guys still being new to the whole band thing. Maybe their nerves are still a little shaky after having dropped out of med school to create this band. That’s an awful lot of pressure. In the end, these guys can write one hell of a hook – just check out “Perfect Girl (Make Her Mine)”. That’s something that could take them places. You can listen for yourself here: http://juniordoctor.bandcamp.com/album/clumsy-words-and-bad-pickup-lines-2
RIYL: Every Avenue, Mayday Parade, All Time Low
Track Listing:
1. Impressive
2. Perfect Girl (Make Her Mine)
3. Uh Oh
4. Keep On
5. Mirror Mirror
6. Dancing In Your Dreams
7. Alright
8. Beautiful and Blind
9. Back Home
10. What I Do