Juno Reactor Brings the World to the Platter With The Release of The Golden Sun…Remixed

By on May 20, 2015

The upcoming release from Juno Reactor will have you pulling every Blade, Matrix, or Bladerunner DVD off your shelf. Ben Watkins assembles this worldly feel of sounds and mixes on The Golden Sun…Remixed album that will tease you to the dance floor and keep you there until you drop. “Zombie”, “Guillotine”, “Shine”, and the Tortured Brain Remix of “Byculla” wrap around the mind and body and pound the heart into Trance oblivion.

Right out of the outer ring of the vinyl this album draws in with “Final Frontier”. The build up, close-your-eyes, sultry groove beat is the teaser before the skies open up. It begs you to prepare for the darkness of night, as the Zombies come out to drive the tempo and thump your heart into an escalating rhythm of beats and you are hooked. Somewhere between “Zombie” and “Guillotine” you’ll find yourself expecting the shower of blood to rain down on you like that scene in Blade.

The tracks continue in the circling of the globe with “Invisible” as you find yourself someplace like Morocco with a hookah haze all around you, as the memories of Bladerunner’s Chinatown fill your head. Reaching the midpoint of the album with “Tempest” and “Trans Siberian” the beats climb, resembling the spin cycles in perfect rhythm as you rise to the pinnacle of trance.

“Shine” and “Byculla” feel like that double rinse and spin cycle with a teaser of a cool down only to quickly pop the tempo up and demand that one last heart thumbing, paint peeling club blaster that completely surrounds you. In “Playing with Fire” and Juno Reactor and Jitter incorporate imaginative percussive sounds as the tempo slows to the cool down. With one last cardio blast Jitter melds in vocals, strings, percussion, and an electronic variety of sounds that could place you almost anywhere around the globe.

The Golden Sun…Remixed, as a companion to The Golden Sun Of The Great East, might well be called The Golden Sun of the World. The styles, sounds, and vocal infusions truly represent parts of every corner of this amazing planet mean there can be something to offer anyone who picks up this album. No listener and fan of EDM will be disappointed.


01: Final Frontier (Extrawelt Remix)

02: Zombie (GMS Remix)

03: Guillotine (Bliss Remix)

04: Invisible (Ritmo Remix)

05: Tempest (Zeologic Remix)

06: Trans Siberian (Cylon Remix)

07: Shine (Modus Remix)

08: Byculla (Tortured Brain Remix)

09: Playing with Fire (Jitter Remix)

10: Juno Reactor – Tantapena

The Golden Sun…Remixed on Metropolis Records drops on 05 June 2015, grab your physical preorder HERE


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Words by Valerie Cason


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