Kree Woods: Talking Underwater Review

By on February 24, 2013

Release Date: April 9th
Zodlounge Records

Nashville’s own indie/pop sensation Kree Woods is set to release her full length debut Talking Underwater this April. The album opens with its title track: a catchy, more radio friendly take on her upbeat indie sound. “Just Go” comes in next, slowing it down with an intimate acoustic melody as Woods pulls you in close: letting her guard down with some heart touching vocals. The album’s next track “Hip Hip” synergizes her inviting/loving sound with instrumental elements of Country. “Cut My Strings” takes a darker tone: one that allows Woods’ vocals to shine in a diverse way. “Happiest Day” is a showcase of some stellar guitar work and the album’s most sweet/delicate vocals; at this point it’s becoming harder and harder not to fall in love with this girl’s voice. “Green” and “Save Her” continue the album’s intimate musical concept (the latter being a bit more experimental) before its eighth track “Blink” slows it down again with a soft-poppy-catchy-indie (yes I just made up my own genre) acoustic composition. The album’s next song “Lonely In Chicago” (a personal favorite) just seems destined to be featured on the soundtrack of the next Nicolas Sparks film adaptation; hopeless romantics around the world are sure to enjoy this tune.

“Cave In” serves as Talking Underwater’s most instrumentally diverse number before the album comes to a close with the track “Fake (Shake It Up)” a poppy, funky and upbeat ending to the release. Talking Underwater drops April 9th on Zodlounge Records; for more information visit: and be sure to check out the video for “Just Go” below.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM