LA psych rockers FIM release new EP ‘Alien Beach Party’

By on February 18, 2014

Imagine unearthing a time capsule in the year 2015, finding Fim’s exhilarating EP Alien Beach Party, and cautiously dropping the record onto your turntable, or whatever listening device is currently en vogue. What you will hear will strike chords of recognition, but the experience is entirely otherworldly. There are signposts to guide you through their varied influences (the lo-fi avant-pop of Ariel Pink, the progressive drone of Suicide, and the off-kilter genre-bending of Ween), but the overall effect of Alien Beach Party, upon first listen is one of elation. It’s the experience of hearing something defiantly uncommercial and experimental, while remaining accessible, viscerally engaging, and ultimately one hell of a party. The other question you might be tempted to ask is “Where the hell did these people come from?”

Formed in 2009 by childhood friends Nick Biddle, Willem Broad, and Brandon Rauch, and later Rhea Fowler (Keys/Bass/Violin), Fim (translated as End in Portuguese) came together through a love of shared influences, namely bad horror films and challenging music. “We think it is really important for a band to have a distinct sound,” explains the band. “With that being said, being able to bend through genres is something we really love to do.” “Fast Cars” kicks off the album with a disco groove and pulsing beat, only to segue seamlessly into “Shit God Damn,” a cacophony of punk energy with chugging bass line and strangled vocals. The B-side then harnesses a chill, contemplative vibe, with the band tapping into their more rhythmic, dub side. Alien Beach Party was self recorded and produced at different locations in L.A from apartment buildings to garages, and mixed by Richard Huredia (Dr. Dre, Outkast).

“Just sticking to one distinct genre can get a little tedious for us because we all have such an eclectic taste in music,” explains the band. “We all love punk bands like The Saints and The Birthday Party, but when you can take that same attitude and channel it through whatever kind of music you are making at the time it can lead to some really creative and new sounding, like our dub track “Cup-a-Gadaffi.” It’s this unique sense of humor, DIY spirit and obvious lust for discovery that makes Fim something special in a scene where everything old is new again, and experimentation is too often mistaken for innovation than vanity.

“Basically we love artists that have always thought outside the box and made their mark doing what they always artistically sought out to do without compromise,” concludes the band. “David Lynch, Jacque Drouin, and Kalle Lassen are examples of non-bands or musicians that are very inspirational.We just want to continue to make music and really enjoy doing so.”

Alien Beach Party is available today, via 12” vinyl/digital.


2.24.14 Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite (9:00PM)


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