Labrador Records set to release PALLERS widely anticipated debut LP

By on June 29, 2011

Labrador Records set to release PALLERS widely anticipated debut LP
“Sea of Memories” (September 27, 2011)
PALLERS  kick off the summer season giving away their new and appropriately titled single
“Come Rain, Come Sunshine” as Free mp3 download (July 26, 2011)

After three years spent in apartments, basements, villas and cabins in Pallers, La mar, Stockholm, Miami and Cape Town the duo has completed their debut album ”The Sea of Memories” (out Sept. 27). The massive single ”Come Rain, Come Sunshine” is released on July 26. Free MP3 below, enjoy!

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“The pair continue to display a preternatural gift for electronic pop, and while they may prefer to remain ensconced in the studio and avoid the limelight, the expansive ‘Come Rain, Come Sunshine’ stands as a sky-scrapingly grand gesture.” NME
On Exactly four minutes “Come Rain, Come Sunshine” changes from weird, stripped down electro to grandiose dance epos with thumping percussion, massive choirs and monumental choruses. 

NYLON, “Rain, sun, and a really great song…. shimmery beats, entrancing vocals and that indescribable mystical vibe”
 AOL SPINNER,  “If you’re looking for a way to describe ‘Come Rain, Come Sunshine’ the second single from Pallers, “hypnotic” is a good place to start. The shimmering keys and lazy day vocals are altogether entrancing”
 THE CULTURE OF ME,   “The release date to come couldn’t happen soon enough.”
 THE LINE OF BEST FIT, “The perfect soundtrack to their native Sweden’s ‘Midsommardagen’” 
UNDER THE RADAR, “Dizzying, melancholic, but most importantly beautiful, it’s a tantalizing look at what’s to come.” 
CAUSE=TIME, “The first single has me anticipating September eagerly. Their brand of slow-mo dance conjures up refined beats on ‘ludes layered with subdued vocals.”
Already making waves on the intenet, Pallers dropped two singles from their forthcoming debut album, “Humdrum” and “The Kiss”, both which shot to #1 on which garnered exciting reviews in the likes of Fader and Pitchfork:
Fader,  “Sometimes it seems like Sweden is a pseudonym for “Space,” the country’s pop music can be so vast and twinkling. Case in point: “The Kiss” rides the line between gravity-less lo-fi and mellow disco”

Pitchfork,  Playlist:  “The Kiss”, with a dreamy synth pattern vaguely reminiscent of Kraftwerk‘s “Neon Lights“, is bound to appeal to a certain kind of glassy-eyed stoner. Pallers take the longer and less obvious route, allowing “The Kiss” to slowly unfold into a glistening, thumping body-mover.”

 With the aim of a three-dimensional sound Pallers have created the monumental ”The Sea of Memories”. Ten tracks where every influence finds it’s place in an ever shimmering mosaic. The wealth of details, the ever growing melodies and epic soundscapes transforms the listening experience into a space voyage of emotional discoveries.
 Ex. flatmates
They come from the same small town in the south of Sweden – Åhus – and have known each other half their lives; they’ve explored Stockholm’s night life together, travelled Europe and experienced everything from the glamour of Southern Spain to the dirty floors of German clubs… etc. But they’ve never made music together. Not until now.
 Integration of opposites
Half of the duo nurtures a love for love for ambient, trip hop and electronica while the other is deeply involved in the world of pop. Pallers integrate the seemingly tricky components with such ease it almost seems effortless – turning it into something new – something of their very own.
 Note. Pallers is a neighborhood in the outskirts of Åhus.
Artist: Pallers
Title: Come Rain, Come Sunshine
Label: Labrador
Cover artwork and photos:
Single Release date: July 26th
Album Release date: September 27th


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