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By on January 17, 2013

Remember when Myspace was a place you could go and discover new artists? Getting lost for hours jumping from one band to the next? Before things got all sluggish and eventually turned into a joke full of ads and the “Myspace famous.” Well, Myspace is getting a facelift – a second chance if you will, and they seem to be putting more of an emphasis on the arts. I caught up with one of Justin Timberlake’s featured artists, Ladysoal, who will be featured on the site.

614563_308669999233827_1072875113_oLet’s start with the basics: what’s your name and position in Ladysoal?

My position in Ladysoal is the singer. I am an entertainer, it’s my stage persona I guess you could say…

For those that haven’t heard of the band, can you give a quick history of how Ladysoal came about?

Well, Ladysoal never really started per say. I kinda just started writing songs on my guitar at 13 and began pursuing it at 18, started taking it seriously at 23, and here we are now. Although it has evolved many, many times over the years, I have always been “Ladysoal.” It is also my YouTube persona/name.

The new Myspace was just opened to the public, and you’ve been working with Justin Timberlake on a sort of, video series for it. Can you tell me more about that?

The video is about me, Ladysoal, what I’m about, where I’m from, what I want my fans to know, who I want to work with in the industry and just my overall mission in life. Justin Timberlake’s contacts (some of them) have agreed to take interest in his featured artist, thus creating HUGE opportunities for artist’s and other people serious about the entertainment industry such as models, actors etc. I feel so honored to be from Iowa and to have been embraced and given a chance to share with the world who I am. 

Any interesting stories from the filming of the video?

The whole process didn’t even take that long. Like 45 minutes tops. Everyone at the casting office was great, the official name of the project is the “Pick me” project.

And how did the “Pick me” project become a reality? Did Timberlake or his people approach you or was there some sort of “try out” type deal?

I was approached by a casting coach who knew casting people for the new Myspace project, and I was asked to submit because they thought I would be perfect for the project. To be honest I almost didn’t submit because I thought it might interfere with other things I had going on. Very glad I did! I was picked as a featured artist, and I’m one of 1200 in LA, but it’s not just artists, I’m talking comedians, actors, models, etc .

Aside from some obvious exposure, what do you hope to gain from this partnership?

What I hope to gain is just that, exposure. I have a passion for emotional music, and I think it’s important people know that everyone feels pain. I feel like the world lacks so much empathy today, I feel like we don’t feel anything for anyone until a tragedy strikes or someone wins the lottery. My music is all about those deep dark moments and secrets that no one wants to hear about but everyone has, and I hope people feel comforted knowing that they are not alone in the suffering. It’s like musical hug or “I love you.”


Have you had a chance to scope out the new Myspace yet?

Yes I have had a chance to scope out the new Myspace, I am actually already a member. My video will drop in about 5-7 weeks. The new Myspace has not officially launched yet, but I’m sure that when it does it’s going to be big, Justin Timberlake seems like the kind of guy that everything he decides to do, he does it BIG .

How do you like it? Any big, and honestly, much needed changes? Do you think it’ll be able to become a useful tool for musicians again?

I love love love the new Myspace. It’s actually perfect for all artists. It’s clean and easy to navigate, and not intrusive. It’s literally only set up for industry networking and discovering other awesome people in the industry. You can connect to people and other people can connect to you and if you don’t want people seeing your page at all, even if connected to you, you have that option which I think is nice, especially for celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who are also on the website .

You’ve been using YouTube prominently as a way to spread your music, as a lot of musicians seem to be doing these days. What social media outlet do you see as being the most useful and why? 

Honestly, I think all social networking sites are good for getting your music out. To me it’s all about promotion, if you promote a lot from whatever site you like, and all over the net, people will find out about it. But I love Facebook the most. 

You mentioned to me before that you had private auditions for a couple t.v. networks, can you tell me a little more about what’s going on?

At this point the experience isn’t over with. My next meeting is actually in a few days. It’s a lot to put yourself out there, but at this point moving forward on my path to share my love-hug (music) is all I can do . I would love to be on t.v. to tell the world I love them and it’s going to be o.k. 

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Interview by Alisha Kirby – HHM